Thursday, December 12, 2013

Virus Wu Named as Electro-Voice Ambassador

Bosch appoints Virus Wu as first local celebrity ambassador of its Electro-Voice (EV) sound system
Supporting local young talent and enriching local music scene by providing best sound and voice technology and innovation under EV
Introduction of RE320 microphone as a world-class performance microphone for excellent sound quality in studio recording and live performances

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – Electro-Voice (EV), a leading engineered audio reinforcement solutions and products provider, appoints Virus Wu, a rising star in the Malaysian music industry, as its first local celebrity ambassador.

Jacky Chuan, General Manager of Bosch Malaysia Security Systems said, “Bosch has been looking for a local celebrity that could inspire big dreams amongst young talents in Malaysia. After much consideration, Virus Wu was the perfect choice. She demonstrates confidence and courage by going the extra mile to achieve her dreams, which aligns with EV’s vision for continuous breakthrough and achievements in sound quality.”

(From L-R) Mr. Jacky Chuan, General Manager of Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd, Security Systems Division, Virus Wu and Ms. Janesta Woon, Senior Marketing Manager of Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd, Security Systems Division.

Virus Wu has been the ambassador for EV since August 2013. As part of her newfound responsibilities, Wu was presented with the RE320 microphone, a world-class performing microphone that creates the perfect dynamic sound reinforcement in both professional recording studios and live performances.

“I am thrilled and honored to be named Ambassador for EV, and look forward to working with the brand. This opportunity will greatly enrich my experience while performing live on stage, as well as during studio recording,” said Wu.
Virus Wu is an all-rounded singer who made it to the Top 10 in “The Million Star 2” singing competition in Taiwan using the RE320 microphone, a world-class performing microphone and perfect dynamic sound reinforcement.

The RE320 microphone showcases EV’s innovative strength in effectively capturing vocal and instrumental sources to deliver unparalleled detail and vibrant content with a natural tone. Specifically designed for dynamic recording and sound reinforcement versatility, the RE320 automatically adapts to extremely low noise, as well as high levels of predictable tonal and momentary response.

“EV is designed to enhance the quality of sound. Through Virus Wu, we hope to accentuate the cutting-edge innovation of superior sound technology and support the rise of young musical talents in Malaysia,” said Chuan.
The RE320 microphone, a world-class performing microphone, the perfect dynamic sound reinforcement, bringing innovative excellence into technical application in both professional recording studio and live performances.

Virus Wu is an all-rounded singer who made it to the Top 10 in “The Million Star 2” singing competition in Taiwan. She has been invited as an opening guest performer at concerts by Olivia Ong, Valentine LIVE in Malaysia 2012 and Running Man "Sparta" Kim Jung Kook’s 1st Malaysia Showcase. Wu also has had seven years of live band experience as a keyboardist cum singer.

Virus吴禹锜代言国际音响品牌-Electro Voice (EV) 新闻发布会

国际著名专业音响工程品牌的Electro-voice(EV) 宣布很荣幸地邀请到大马新晋歌手Virus吳禹錡,作为此产品在大马的首个品牌代言人。

Jacky Chuan, 马来西亚博世 (Bosch)安防系统总经理表示, “博世一直很希望在大马寻找一个年轻又有才华的新晋歌手作为此产品的代言人。经过几番筛选后,发现Virus吳禹錡,这位不断努力;坚持梦想;充满无比勇气而最终突破自己信念的女孩,完全符合与EV向来坚持品质的使命,还有不断的寻求突破,创造出更加好声音品质的产品。
EV将会提供一支世界表演级,音质明亮,有效于修饰音质的RE320麦克风,作为Virus吳禹錡演出的专属麦克风。此麦克风不仅可以用于现场演唱也可以使用于专业录音室为专业录音用途。“EV是一个为了提高声音质量而设计的一个麦克风。希望通过Virus吳禹錡的声音,可以让大家更加感受到此产品的音质及高科技,同时也能激发现代年轻人对于音乐的才华。”Jacky Chuan 说。


Virus吳禹錡今年八月开始担任EV的代言人。身为代言人的她表示,“我非常兴奋和荣幸地能够被选为EV的大马首个代言人, 并期待着自己能通过此麦克风,能够表现出更有力量的声音及表演。” 

Virus吳禹錡曾经代表大马Pop Star前往台湾参加“第二届华人星光大道”歌唱比赛,并成功晋身10强,荣获第九名。此外,她也曾经担任过新加坡歌手Olivia Ong大马情人节拉阔音乐会及韩星金钟国首个大马音乐会的表演嘉宾。

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