Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BAE Systems Detica repositions as BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

New name to take effect from 1st February 2014

29 January 2014. From Saturday 1st February, BAE Systems Detica will become BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. The new name and positioning reflect both the company’s closer alignment with parent company BAE Systems and also its ambitions for further global market growth across its Applied Intelligence portfolio, which includes cyber security and financial crime prevention and detection.

Repositioning as BAE Systems Applied Intelligence reflects how the company will respond to the new opportunities and risks the ever more connected world presents to organisations, whilst continuing to provide the high quality of service and innovation associated with the Detica and BAE Systems brands.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence will continue to focus on protecting and enhancing clients’ critical operations and assets using intelligence-grade security and large-scale data exploitation and analytics.

BAE Systems cyber security employees settle into their new offices at Menara Binjai.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is growing from strength to strength in Malaysia. Malaysia has been BAE Systems’ regional hub for cyber security since end of 2012.  The company has recruited over 100 cyber-specialists through 2013, and will continue to grow the KL-based team to 300 employees by 2015. To support a growing team and expanding capabilities, the company has invested in a new office located in Menara Binjai, Kuala Lumpur which became operational in December 2013.

The combination of the BAE Systems brand and the capabilities within the Applied Intelligence business clearly positions the newly re-named entity as the leading provider of protection in both the physical and virtual worlds, where the convergence of real world and online threats is putting nation states’ Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) at ever greater risk from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Added to the growing synergy and convergence between cyber crime and financial crime - as demonstrated in the recent high-profile cyber-enabled fraud against US retailers such as Target - these rapidly evolving threats require both government and commercial organisations to adopt new, more intelligent approaches to protection and security.

Martin Sutherland, Managing Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, said:
“The combined strength and global reach of the BAE Systems brand and our Applied Intelligence capabilities will differentiate us and position us as a world leader in universally protecting the converged physical and virtual worlds. And as fraud becomes increasingly cyber-enabled, we believe no other organisation offers our unique cyber security and financial crime heritage in dealing with the threats and opportunities presented by the intelligence age.

“The increasing ownership of Critical National Infrastructure by private business and fast-evolving technology now means that the front line is as much in enterprise as it is on physical borders. The ability to combine experience with cutting edge technology skills has never been more important and by helping protect nations, both physically and virtually, BAE Systems can help increase national prosperity and national security in new ways.”

“Our team in Malaysia team has demonstrated some great successes in recent years. We look forward to developing this regional hub and expanding its capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of our Malaysian and other regional customers.”

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