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TM extends its reachability and connectivity to the Middle East to support its growing regional business

Kuala Lumpur. 5 March 2014. Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), Malaysia’s leading telecommunication service provider recently sealed an agreement with Etisalat, a pioneer company in Next-Generation Networks technology for fixed line and wireless services in the Middle East. This move further enhances TM’s role in providing wide array of reliable communications services in Malaysia and beyond its shores.

This collaboration will enable TM to leverage on Etisalat’s SmartHub facility at Fujairah Cable Landing Station (CLS) to deliver its content, Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX), Internet Exchange (IX) and high speed data services for its customers in the region. This partnership enables TM to connect its customers in the Middle East and neighbouring region via diversified routes to Europe and Asia. Etisalat SmartHub’s converged integration of multiple network infrastructure components (bundling services) provides integrated, robust and seamless connectivity with low latency. This not only enables reliable service delivery but is also in line with TM’s aspiration to become preferred hub in global market.

Let’s work together: Mohamed Asri Jaafar, Vice President, Product & Solutions, Global & Wholesale, TM (left) who represented Rozaimy Rahman, Executive Vice President, Global & Wholesale, TM shaking hands with Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President, Carrier & Wholesale Services, Etisalat signifying the collaboration established between the two companies for SmartHub facility.

Present to seal the agreement for the Smarthub facility partnership was Mohamed Asri Jaafar, Vice President, Product & Solutions, Global & Wholesale, TM and Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President, Carrier & Wholesale Services, Etisalat.

Besides further strengthening and expanding TM’s business internationally, this initiative is also in line with the Company’s aspiration of becoming an Information Exchange as well as in support of the Government’s aspiration in making Malaysia a regional hub for data communications.

Commenting on the partnership, Rozaimy Rahman, Executive Vice President, Global & Wholesale, TM said, “As one of the fast growing telcos in Asia, we at TM are constantly investing and partnering with world class providers to offer better reachability and connectivity through reciprocal business. This alliance with Etisalat will maintain TM’s Point of Presence (POP) in the Middle East and communications hub of choice in the region, thus enabling TM to create a value proposition as one of the key players in the Middle East region”.

“This is the right platform for TM in promoting its services, as Middle East is a growing market for the potential customers. The range of services that can be offered include IP Transit, Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN), Global Ethernet (GE), International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks (providing secure connectivity), voice hubbing and others,” he added.

Also commenting on the collaboration, Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President, Carrier & Wholesale Services of Etisalat said, “Etisalat is honoured that we have added yet another telecom major into our expanding portfolio of customers. This partnership will allow TM to further expand its reachability by establishing a multi-functional network node at Etisalat’s SmartHub. Over the past year, the hub has already proved its capability in providing the consistency and best-in-class connectivity in the region. This addresses the need of the operators who have to adapt to the changing business dynamics and requirements in the region and globally. Etisalat’s SmartHub is designed to provide our partners with a one stop shop for connectivity to the region.”

Ultimately, this collaboration will enable TM’s end customers in the Middle East to leverage on its international infrastructure and at the same time strengthens TM’s presence globally. Customers/ Internet users on the other end will be able to enjoy seamless and extensive connectivity hence, enhance their surfing experience with low latency.

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