Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ASUS Increases Focus on Industrial PC Motherboard Development

Current range to expand in 2013 to bring added benefits for industrial applications with ASUS motherboard expertise, quality assurance, and partnerships

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (4 February, 2013) — ASUS today announced plans to expand its industrial PC motherboard offerings in 2013 with new models to serve the needs of large organizational customers, primarily in the manufacturing sector. The industrial PC segment is one of the fastest-growing computing categories worldwide and these plans allow ASUS to capitalize on its 24 years of motherboard research, design and production expertise, and leverage its position as the world’s leading consumer motherboard brand.

ASUS industrial PC (IPC) motherboards feature customization capabilities that allow customers to tune them to their particular needs. All models are backed by strict ASUS quality testing and reliability standards, which are among the most demanding in the industry.

Advanced flexibility — the ASUS IPC advantage
Existing ASUS IPC motherboards ship in mini ITX, micro ATX, and ATX form factors. Models are also available in the EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) form factor for industrial-quality single-board computers, which will be the main focus of ASUS expansion into the IPC segment.
ASUS launched seven IPC motherboards in the last year — the LID25A, LIH61A, LIB75A, LMH61A, LMB75A, LAH61A, and LEN26A. All share an open design and feature greater expandability and customization options than typical IPC motherboards to better meet the flexible needs of highly specialized industrial applications.

The ASUS LMH61A, for example, supports up to 13 computer-on-module (COM) units for a wide range of expansion and performance-enhancing options. Similarly, the LEN26A features an Intel® CPU and AMD GPU soldered to the same side of the motherboard for greater thermal efficiency, a slimmer form factor and enhanced graphics performance, compared to CPU-only IPC motherboards.

Partnering for IPC growth 
ASUS maintains several successful cooperative relationships with vendors and technology partners that add value and features to its range of IPC motherboards. Primary among these is a close association with faytech, a leading developer and manufacturer of touch-screen PCs. faytech’s expertise is currently helping ASUS develop IPC motherboards for IPCs with embedded touch-screen technology.

Arne Weber, faytech General Manager, said: “with globally-recognized ASUS motherboard design capabilities, we expect several innovative IPC offerings based on ASUS motherboards in 2013. We are very pleased to be part of this initiative and are confident it will provide technologies to best-serve our own customers, as well as those of ASUS.”

Victor Lai, ASUS Director of Product Management, added: “ASUS maintains smooth, productive and highly innovative cooperation with faytech, and our Industrial PC Division is making the most of these assets in reaching more IPC customers. We expect this to be a major growth area in 2013.”

The release of ASUS Industrial PC motherboards in Malaysia will commence April 2013.

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