Friday, November 9, 2012

Acer Malaysia Unveils the Next Generation of Computing and User Experience

A whole range of Windows® 8-ready products built to create a world of explorers through transformational user experiences
Highly anticipated ultra-light, sleek and remarkable Acer Aspire S7 help bridge the gap between human and computers

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 November 2012 - Acer Malaysia today unveiled the next generation of computing with a complete range of products running on Windows® 8, led by the highly anticipated Acer Aspire S7 – Acer’s thinnest, lightest touch Ultrabook, together with the ICONIA W Series tablets and Aspire U Series All-in-One (AIO).

The launch today offers the most comprehensive suite of touch devices in forms and sizes that will provide modern day explorers with transformational user experiences and options to fit different needs.

Presenting the Acer Aspire S7_Thinnest, Lightest Touch Ultrabook.

“Acer Malaysia is thrilled to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Acer Aspire S7 in Malaysia,” said Ricky Tan, General Manager of Acer Sales & Services Sdn. Bhd. “Since making its debut earlier this year at Computex 2012 in Taipei, the Acer Aspire S7 has been making headlines worldwide as the thinnest touch-enabled Ultrabook. At Acer, we are dedicated to explore beyond limits in design and development of new devices to provide a greater and more satisfying new generation computing options for our modern day explorers.”

“We have been working closely with our partners, Microsoft and Intel, to create products that empower optimal computing and user experience in a single device suitable for both content creation and consumption. As a result, we are proud to present all the new products today that will run seamlessly with Windows® 8 on Intel’s technology to bring computing experience to a whole new level.”
(L-R) David Lee, Carynne Ooi and Ricky Tan

Speaking at the launch, Amrita Sapre, Windows Product Group Manager of Microsoft Malaysia said, “Windows 8 has been reimagined to bring consumers a no-compromise, immersive and deeply personalized experience. This truly comes to life in the partnership between Microsoft and Acer, with the launch of their devices today. Acer remains a valued partner to Microsoft as we transform lives through the power of computing technology.”

“Our life experiences are defined by our senses - by what we see, hear and touch. These human senses are also at the foundation of Intel's vision for the Ultrabook to deliver a no-compromise, must-have computing experience and we congratulate Acer on the launch of its new touch enabled product range,” said Prakash Mallya, Country Manager of Intel Malaysia.  “Combined with the increased responsiveness of Intel’s 3rd generation Core processor with the new Windows® 8 operating system, the new Acer range of products will provide great computing experience for users.”
The Acer Aspire S7 series of Ultrabook is available in two sizes: 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch. Both feature full HD (1920 x 1080) touch screens with electroluminescent backlit keyboard that offer a gentler glow than LED backlit keyboard, automatically activating and adjusting its brightness based on ambient lighting. The Acer Twin Air cooling system (pending patent) extends the battery life and keeps the S7 comfortable to use.

One of the most striking design elements of the 13.3-inch Aspire S7 is the white scratch-resistant Gorilla® Glass 2 structure. The Gorilla Glass structure enables a mere 11.9mm thickness with the strength to handle the impact of daily use. This Aspire S7 model also features a dual torque hinge on the lid to create the ideal amount of resistance for touch control. Its touch-enabled screen can be laid back flat at 180 degrees and the image orientation reverses for easy touch-and-show sharing.
The 10.1-inch Acer ICONIA Tab W510 offers tri-mode usability: “touch, type and view”, allowing content creation and consumption in a tablet, in both productivity and presentation mode. It can be connected to a detachable keyboard when typing is preferred with full travel keys for content creation (productivity mode) and can be turned 295 degrees for presentation or video viewing (presentation mode). The W510 can last from 9 to 18 hours when connected to the detachable keyboard docking as the second battery.

The 11.6-inch Acer ICONIA Tab W700 cradle combo is the only Intel Core™ tablet in the market, putting incredible power, true full HD and instant productivity at users’ fingertips. The 10-point touch control, ultra-responsive and powerful tablet is flexible thanks to the multi-position dock that allows it to be positioned perfectly for landscape or portrait mode for easy browsing, sharing, control and keyboard productivity.
The 27-inch new Acer Aspire 7600U All-in-one (AIO) is of minimalist design running on Windows® 8 and is powered by the 3rd Generation Intel Core processor. The 1920 x 1080 screen supports up to 10-point simultaneous touch which enables multiple users at one-go. It can be viewed at an angle from 0 to 90 degrees and swivels at four sides when it is flat on the table.

The ergonomic edge-to-edge touch designed Acer Aspire 5600U AIO is the slimmest 23-inch PC and can be tilted from 30 to 80 degrees. The full HD (1920 x 1080) screen display offers interactive hand gesture feature to play, control or select.  
In conjunction with this exciting launch, Acer is pleased to announce its collaboration with Sunway Group through the Sunway Lifestyle app (downloadable from Windows Store) to run a contest especially for Acer customers. All Acer customers who purchase any new Acer Windows® 8 product and download the app between 26 October 2012 to 31 January 2013 will receive a Sunway Pyramid Privilege Card, Pyramid Ice discount voucher, 30% discount for “Beauty and the Beast” musical, 30% discount for Sunway Lagoon tickets and be eligible for the weekly and monthly lucky draw. The monthly winners will receive four Sunway Lagoon All-Park adult tickets worth RM400, one 2D1N stay at Pyramid Tower Hotel worth RM500 and one Acer Aspire W510 worth RM1699.

All Acer products presented today are now available at major Authorized Acer Resellers nationwide. For more information, please visit or call Acer Product Infoline at 1800-88-1288 (9am - 6pm, Mondays to Fridays).

大马宏碁(Acer Malaysia)推介新一代革命性体验触控电脑

一个采用Windows® 8的完整产品系列通过革命性的用户体验创造一个探险家的世界
备受瞩目的超轻、亮眼且非凡的Acer Aspire S7拉近人类与电脑之间的差距

吉隆坡,2012年11月8日 - 大马宏碁(Acer Malaysia)今日推介一系列完整采用Windows® 8作业系统的新一代电脑,以备受瞩目的Acer Aspire S7最薄、最轻触的超薄笔记本为先锋外,这一系列电脑还有ICONIA W系列的平板电脑及Aspire U系列的一体成型(All-in-One)电脑。

“大马宏碁很高兴地宣布,万众期盼的Acer Aspire S7终于在大马推出。” Acer Sales & Services Sdn. Bhd.总经理陈重瑞说。“自从在2012台北的国际电脑展览会首次露面后,Acer Aspire S7以最薄的触控荧幕超薄笔记本而成了世界各地的头条新闻。在宏碁,我们专注于在设计上超越极限的探索及配备上的进展,以为我们的使用者提供一个更好且拥有满足感的新世代电脑系列。”

“我们与微软及英特尔密切合作来创造最顶级电脑及用户体验的单项产品,适合于内容创建和享用。如今,我们很荣幸地在此推介这一系列的产品,结合了Window® 8和英特尔的科技,把使用电脑的体验带到一个全新的水平。”

大马微软Windows产品集团总经理Amrita Sapre 在推介礼上说:“Windows 8已重新构想为消费者带来一个不一样、亲临其境且深刻个性化的体验。微软和宏碁之间的合作也随着今天的推介礼而获得实践。宏基碁是微软重要的伙伴,因为我们都是通过电脑科技的力量来提升生活水平。”
“在生活中,我们都以我们的感官,即所看、所听和触摸中而做出定义,这些人类的感官也是对英特尔在制造超薄笔记本有所的愿景、势必拥有电脑体验为基础。我们恭贺宏碁推介这一些列的触控产品。” 大马英特尔销售与市场区域经理Prakash Mallya说。“新系列的宏碁产品结合了在感应上已经获得提升的英特尔第三代Intel Core处理器及新的微软Windows® 8结合,势必可以为用户们提供一个极好的体验。”

Acer Aspire S7系列的超薄笔记本备有两种尺寸:即13.3寸及11.6寸。两种尺寸皆有全高(1920x1080)触控式荧幕及电激发光键盘,它提供了较LED背光键盘较温和的亮度,可以自动启动且能智慧感应环境光并调节亮度。宏碁的Twin Air双涡流散热系统(尚在申请专利)让电池的寿命更长,并使用户能更舒适地使用S7。

其中最引人注目的设计元素是,13.3寸的Aspire S7那白色的抗刮Gorilla® Glass 2结构。Gorilla Glass结构的它只有11.9毫米的厚度,但却强韧得足以应付每日使用带来的撞击。此款Aspire S7也具有在机盖上的双转矩铰链特色,让它足以抵抗得住触摸操控的扭矩。其触控荧幕的开启角度达180度,图像的方向翻转也易于触碰、显示和分享。

10.1寸的Acer ICONIA Tab W510提供了三重模式可用性,允许生产或演示模式进行内容创建和享用的平板电脑。当需要打字时,它可以与可拆除键盘连接来进行内容创建(生产模式),也可以295度转动来进行文稿演示或视频观看(演示模式)。当与备有额外电池的可拆除键盘连接时,W510可以维持9至18小时。

11.6寸的Acer ICONIA Tab W700是市场上唯一的Intel Core™平板电脑,仅在用户的指尖之间带来了不可思议的能力,真正的全高清及即时生产力。此10点触摸控制、反应超快及强大的平板电脑可以伸缩自如是因为其多位置支架,让它不管是为了易于浏览、分享、控制或键盘生产力而作出横向或纵向模式时都能够完美地放置。

新的27寸Acer Aspire 7600U是采用Windows® 8作业系统及第三代Intel Core处理器的简约设计一体成型(AIO)电脑。其1920x1080分辨率的荧幕支援高达10点触控,因而允许多名用户在同一时间使用。当它在桌面上平躺时,其观看角度从0至90度,并可作四面旋转。

符合人体工程学设计的边到边触控设计的Acer Aspire 5600U一体成型电脑是最纤薄的23寸个人电脑,并可作30至80度旋转。全高清(1920x1080)荧幕分辨率提供了互动性的手势功能来进行运作、控制或选择。

配合此振奋人心的推介,宏碁也和双威集团合作,通过Sunway Lifestyle应用程序(用户可在Windows Store下载)特别为宏基客户带来一项竞赛。所有在2012年10月26日至2013年1月31日购买以Windows® 8 作业系统操作的任何Acer新产品(超薄笔记本/上网本/平版电脑/桌面电脑),客户将获得一张双威金字塔优惠卡、溜冰场优惠券、30%的双威水上乐园“美女与野兽”音乐剧门票折扣、30%的双威水上乐园门票折扣,且得以参加每周及每月竞赛的抽奖。每月的得奖者将将得到四张双威水上乐园价值400令吉的成人门票;价值500令吉的两天一夜金字塔酒店住宿及价值高达1699令吉的Acer Aspire W510。

所有今日推介的Acer产品即日起在全国各地的宏碁授权经销商开始销售。欲知详情,请浏览或致电于Acer Product Infoline ,号码是1800-88-1288(周一至周五,早上9时至下午6时)。

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