Monday, March 25, 2013

‘Look Around’ for Friends with WeChat 2.0 for BlackBerry

Discover new acquaintances near you with Location-Based Services

Kuala Lumpur, 25 March 2013—BlackBerry users, take note! WeChat, a social communications service for smartphones, has announced exciting new Location-based features specifically for BlackBerry users. The newest version of WeChat for BlackBerry now integrates both the ‘Look Around’ and QR code scanning features. These features make it easier for users to add new friends or acquaintances by allowing them to search the surrounding areas for other WeChat users with just a simple push of a button from the user. The new version also allows users to add their friends by scanning the QR code on their friends’ phone screen. In addition, Animated Emoticons were added in this new BlackBerry version. Users can now express themselves using fun animated emoticons in conversation.

The WeChat user base has been growing very rapidly with many great user feedbacks being shared on the App world. WeChat’s BB version 1.0 was launched earlier this year. Taking into consideration feedback by users, WeChat is now very happy to introduce version 2.0.

Mr. Dennis Hau, Head of International Product Center, International Business Group, describes the concept behind BlackBerry 2.0: “We designed the new Blackberry version for the purpose of providing a fun social communication platform for Blackberry but in the process, we have not compromised when it came to the user experience and performance stability which is what WeChat is known for.”

The BlackBerry version of WeChat comes with features that are also found in its Android and iOS siblings, such as instant messaging with attachments, voice messaging or ‘Hold to Talk’ which people find very useful because they can save the time required for typing, and conveniently send voice messages instead. All of these can be used within a group using the Group Chat feature, and all conversations can be spiced up with unique and fun Animated Emoticons.

WeChat can be downloaded free of charge for iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. For downloads and more information, please visit:

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