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New SaaS-Based iPad App from CA Technologies Empowers CXOs to Strategically Manage Technology Investments

CA Clarity Playbook Bridges Gap Between Strategic Planning and Operational Execution

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April 24, 2013 -- CA WORLD -- CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced CA Clarity™ Playbook, an innovative  mobile application that uniquely empowers CXOs to strategically manage their organization’s technology investments in the context of their high-level business goals and objectives—right from their iPads.

Delivered via a SaaS model, CA Clarity Playbook also makes it easy for CXOs to quickly collaborate with key process stakeholders and respond more quickly to changing business needs anywhere, any time.

"IT and the business have to work hand-in-hand to create new revenue streams and deliver a differentiated brand experience—even in the face of finite structural and human resources, " said Lokesh Jindal, general manager, Service and Portfolio Management,  CA Technologies. "CA Clarity Playbook enables this critical coordination by giving executives the ability to nimbly adapt plans, activities and priorities."

CA Clarity Playbook integrates with CA Clarity PPM and other systems of record to provide CXOs with the intuitive dashboard-style mobile workspace they need to:

Define strategic objectives, goals and initiatives;
Collaborate  with stakeholders on strategic plans;
Leverage information from operational systems;
Assess alignment of IT investments with business objectives;
Visualize investment financials in real time; and
Evaluate impact of new priorities on in-place plans.

According to a research study* by CA Technologies, few CIOs are directly involved in defining business strategy—even though 73 percent of business executives acknowledge that IT is central to the execution of that strategy.

CA Clarity Playbook helps address this disconnect by liberating CXOs from the manual, annual planning cycles of the past, so they can more proactively take advantage of emerging business opportunities and technological innovations.

"With the increasing use of technology by patients and healthcare providers, a successful business strategy in the healthcare industry should be driven by a strong technology strategy," said R. John Ragsdale, Chief Information Officer, BerylHealth. “To grow our business in the midst of this Health Information Technology explosion, we need to embrace strategic planning disciplines and tools that increase our innovation and speed-to-market—and that improve technology visibility and decision-making for our C-level executives."

CA Clarity Playbook can draw from information sources both in the cloud and across the enterprise to keep strategic initiatives on track and aligned to organizational goals. Users can access CA Clarity Playbook workspace from an iPad app or from a tablet or desktop running an HTML5-compatible web browser.

“To successfully cope with today’s intense time-to-market pressures, business leaders need the same kind of real-time, multi-dimensional visibility into IT as they have into sales pipelines and supply chains,” said Jeffrey M. Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies, Inc. and founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace. “It has simply become impractical for them to continue depending on periodic second-hand IT reporting that can’t be dynamically queried and is often out-of-date by the time it arrives on their desks.”

CA Clarity Playbook is a key enabler of the broader CA Technologies Business Service Innovation initiative, which enables customers to more effectively accelerate, transform and secure IT to adaptively meet the intensifying challenges of competition in a global information economy.

“IT is adopting more complex and fluid service provisioning models at the same time as it is becoming increasingly integral to the business,” said Cameron McNaught, Senior Vice President and Head of Cloud and Strategic Solutions, International Business, Fujitsu Limited.  “With CA Clarity Playbook, CA Technologies is directly responding to this confluence of complexity and criticality with a solution that gives corporate managers much-needed control of technology resource allocation and performance.”

*The Future Role of the CIO ‘Becoming the Boss’, October 2011, CA Technologies.

CA Technologies Delivers a Clear Path for Mainframe Customers to Embrace the Future of the Dynamic Data Center

Strategy Will Enable Customers to Take Advantage of the Dynamic Data Center Across Mainframe, Distributed and Cloud

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April 24, 2013 – CA WORLD – CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced a strategic direction to help mainframe customers embrace the future dynamic data center and move closer to the ideal state of unbounded business enablement at zero cost.

The company has made significant new investments in mainframe solutions to provide customers with the tools to manage data centers with utmost reliability, security and speed.

“Information technology is in the midst of a tremendous change cycle,” said Michael Madden, general manager, Mainframe. “We have responded with a strategy that serves the evolving requirements of the data center, including cost-effectiveness, data security and speed and a fantastic end-to-end customer experience.”

Once bound by on-premise facilities, data centers today are a dynamic mix of on-premise and virtual computing power. CA Technologies is substantially evolving its mainframe management solutions to make such dynamic data centers possible and aligned to meet business needs.

The CA Technologies Mainframe strategy will help customers by:

Sustaining investments in foundational technologies that are critical to the evolution of data centers and the modern mainframe;

Collaborating closely with customers on product design to help CA Technologies develop products that meet customers’ most critical IT needs; and

Streamlining for savings and return on investment through the company’s Mainframe Software Rationalization Program (MSRP), which assesses customers’ portfolio needs and can help them to realize estimated savings of up to $1.4 million* a year.

CA Technologies is making great strides in delivering a mainframe portfolio that helps customers transition to the dynamic data center—one that delivers business services seamlessly across mainframe, distributed systems and the cloud.

Extensive Mainframe Portfolio: includes integrated products designed to cut the total cost of ownership for customers, and deliver lower licensing costs, simple installation processes and easy upgrades.

CA Mainframe Chorus: focuses on a unique user experience rather than on applications for a robust mainframe management platform that lets users create dashboards to manage DB2, workload automation and other functions all from one place.

CA Workload Automation: integrates the user experience across the hybrid computing environment of mainframe, distributed and cloud. The solution includes several new capabilities that help customers reduce complexity and proactively manage and anticipate the needs of the dynamic data center.

CA Technologies World-Class Support: the company recently earned the NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM (NFSB) for customer service excellence, demonstrating its dedicated focus on customers. CA Communities, CA Technologies online user community, provides customers with direct access to its more than 38,000 company experts, partners and users.

The mainframe is a workhorse in the backend of much of today’s critical business, and CA is busy enabling other capabilities in its portfolio to work with mainframe solutions, to provide a seamless and successful customer experience across distributed, cloud and mobile operations.

“Our unique advantage is that we can manage virtual data centers from soup to nuts,” said Madden. “We can tie everything together and manage it holistically when we bring the full CA Technologies portfolio to bear.”

For more information, see these additional resources:

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*Annual savings estimation is derived from analyses of CA Technologies customer contracts. This value is not a guarantee of achievable results and will vary depending upon current infrastructure, people and processes, as well as the appropriate, effective implementation, adoption and use of the CA Technologies solution.

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