Thursday, May 9, 2013

iOM Announces New CRM Solution for SMEs

iOM LoyaltyTrak enables analysis of buying patterns and customisation of marketing programmes

Singapore. May 9, 2013 – iOM today announced iOM LoyaltyTrak, a new end-to-end customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to enable businesses to capture, maintain, manage and benefit from valuable customer information.

The solution maintains a comprehensive customer database to allow for detailed analysis of buying behaviour and patterns, and enables retailers/service providers to customise marketing programmes and tools accordingly to suit various targeted customer segments, including rewards and redemption systems as well as user-definable membership types and card types, which could be pre-assigned, system-generated or simply be the customer’s ID or phone number.

“The increased focus on customer loyalty amongst businesses in Asia today has prompted us to create iOM LoyaltyTrak to help them easily automate processes and leverage consumer insights to their advantage,” said John Salmon, Vice President at iOM. “The solution is designed to be easy-to-use with intuitive interfaces that allow organisations to reap maximum benefits right from the start.”

iOM LoyaltyTrak also features a web-based self-service facility to enable customers to update personal information and request for promotional vouchers online. It can be fully integrated with WinPOS (POS module of iOM’s Retail Management System, Retailigence), or with other third party POS applications across all industries.

Case Study

The LACOSTE legend was born in 1933, when Rẻne Lacoste revolutionized mens’ fashion replacing the classical woven fabric, long-sleeved and starched shirts on the courts, by what has now become the classic LACOSTE polo shirt.  More than 75 years after its creation, LACOSTE has become a “lifestyle” brand which allies elegance and comfort.

With more than 10 outlets located in prime shopping spots in Singapore, LACOSTE is well-positioned in the market, catering to a wide-range of customers with a distinct taste for quality and style.

Membership challenge

Given LACOSTE Singapore’s large customer base, capturing and maintaining a database of their customers can be a challenge, more so in profiling each and every customer. LoyaltyTrak enables LACOSTE to dissect their customer base into target groups and tailor their marketing activities accordingly.

LoyaltyTrak caters to data management, which not only supports member maintenance, but also allows profiling and analysis. With LoyaltyTrak, LACOSTE Singapore gains more visibility and control of their customer relationship management programs. Currently, LACOSTE Singapore maintains more than two thousand members and they enjoy the convenience of classifying different customer profiles to focus on certain interests such as hobbies for target marketing.

They are even more in touch with their customers at present, since their birthday month deals are in full swing, and supplementary programs are being extended to cater to immediate family members as well.

Most importantly, while it offers extensive customer relationship management functionality, it also facilitates analysis to support marketing strategies and decision-making.

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