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Dell Offers Wide Range of Converged Infrastructure Choices; from Office-Scale to Enterprise-Scale

New solutions optimized for applications and workloads from branch office to scale-out data center
“Private Cloud in a Box,” the PowerEdge VRTX eliminates the complexity, cost and sprawl of disparate IT devices and multiple management tools
Dell updates Active Infrastructure portfolio; reduces time provisioning new workloads by approximately 99 percent.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 27, 2013 – Dell today announced further differentiation to its converged infrastructure portfolio to help customers of all sizes address a common set of challenges related to the complexity, inefficiency and rigidity in current IT infrastructure. The new solutions can be tailored for specific application and workload use cases, and today, Dell is bringing enterprise-class converged technology to a whole new set of customers: branch office companies and the small and medium business market.

Dell is on the forefront of helping a broad range of customers with an array of converged and pre-integrated solutions, each designed to address these different customers’ common needs for simplicity and agility. In fact, a recent IDC forecast2 reveals that spending on converged systems will grow at a compound annual rate of more than 54 percent over the 2011-2016 forecast period, driven by the cost advantages and efficiency related to operations and management of IT, simplification of vendor engagement, and faster time to productivity with IT system updates.

(from left to right):
Norhizam Abdul Kadir, National Sales Manager, Intel Malaysia
KT Ong, General Manager, Commercial Business, Dell Malaysia
Foo See Han, Server Product Solutions Manager for South Asia, Dell

“Dell’s customer-inspired innovation is driven by our deep understanding of the business realities impacting customers’ today, and interpreting those trends through delivery of modern IT architectures conceived and engineered for the needs of different businesses – one size does not fit all,” said KT Ong, general manager, Commercial Business, Dell Malaysia. “With the new solutions we have unveiled today, Dell is demonstrating its differentiated approach to solution development for customers of all sizes – from the small office of five people to large enterprise datacenters.”

Office-scale:  Dell PowerEdge VRTX
To date, workload and application-centric IT infrastructure has been engineered for large enterprises, and does not address the needs of quickly growing remote/branch office (ROBO) or small-to-medium business (SMB) customers. According to research commissioned in 2013 by Dell and Intel, U.S. small businesses and startups are more optimistic and planning to grow their companies in the near future and consider access to technology as key to successful growth. Despite this anticipated growth, most businesses surveyed say technology supports day-to-day operations, while only a moderate percentage view technology as a strategic asset. However, the technology solutions often used by these customers – particularly within healthcare, retail and banking industries – and channel partners lack the flexibility, scalability, and ease of management necessary to grow efficiently and compete with larger organizations.
Dell’s heritage is built on delivering IT solutions that scale to customers of all sizes. Following that customer focus, Dell introduces PowerEdge VRTX, a Private Cloud in a Box and the first converged IT solution designed specifically for remote and small office environments, with enterprise-class capabilities in a desk-side, space-saving design. Dell PowerEdge VRTX enables customers and partners to:

Experience greater simplicity: With servers, storage, networking and management converged into a single compact chassis, PowerEdge VRTX uses up to 86 percent fewer cables and can save customers time, compared to installing individual task-specific systems. In addition, it can eliminate the complexity, cost and sprawl of disparate external devices and multiple management tools.
Realize improved efficiency: Experience enhanced productivity with updates to Dell OpenManage Essentials for PowerEdge VRTX which include comprehensive, remote, agent-free systems management capabilities with a new geographical view of distributed IT assets that can help save time and reduce potential for error. Bundled with each PowerEdge VRTX system is Dell’s Chassis Management Controller (CMC) embedded console, for unified and streamlined control over server, storage and networking components.
Achieve greater value with a pre-configured solution: Dell PowerEdge VRTX addresses a need among channel partners for pre-configured, advanced business solutions that can be enhanced with software and services important to customers in vertical industries.
“Dell PowerEdge VRTX brings datacenter performance and capabilities to the office environment, addressing the unique needs of customers operating remote or branch office environments. PowerEdge VRTX is an excellent example of Dell building innovative converged infrastructure solutions around Intel datacenter building blocks,” said Lisa Graff, vice president, Intel Datacenter Marketing Group.

Enterprise-scale:  Dell Active Infrastructure
Dell also announced its next wave of converged infrastructure offerings – Active Infrastructure 1.1 – to help organizations accelerate the delivery of business applications and IT services, improve data center efficiency and strengthen IT service quality.  The Active Infrastructure portfolio includes:
New validated workloads:  Dell is introducing a fast, accurate way for customers to deploy common workloads, including key enterprise applications, virtual desktop and private cloud workloads. By leveraging out-of-the-box and custom workload templates as well as validated reference architectures, administrators can reduce the time and steps to provision new workloads by approximately 99 percent .
Broader Portfolio of Pre-Integrated Systems:  Dell is expanding its converged infrastructure platforms and reference architectures to include the Dell Active System 50, Dell Active System 200, Dell Active System 800 and Dell Active System 1000. These pre-integrated systems come in multiple sizes depending on customer needs and application requirements, and enable up to six times faster implementation of new virtual infrastructure.  
Enhancements to unified management platform: Dell is announcing Active System Manager 7.1, the management layer for Active System that integrates IP from recently acquired Gale Technologies to automate workload and infrastructure deployment through a single console.  Enabling customers to go from eight tools to one, Active System Manager 7.1 features deep virtual integration, including support for the Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere platforms, stateless computing for workload scaling and migrations, rapid infrastructure on-boarding for discovering assets, and a broad compatibility matrix that includes support for Dell and heterogeneous environments.

PowerEdge VRTX will be available in the coming weeks.
The Dell Active Infrastructure 1.1 portfolio will be available to order in the coming days.

Dell 融合基础架构提供广泛系列选择:


“一体化私有云”(Private Cloud in a Box)服务, PowerEdge VRTX 技术排除因不同 IT 设备和多个管理工具而引起的操控复杂性、成本和无序扩张

Dell  更新灵动基础架构(Active Infrastructure )产品组合;缩短供应新工作量时间达约99%1。

马来西亚,吉隆坡,2013年6月27日 - 今天,Dell 宣布其融合基础架构产品组合进一步区别化,以帮助所有不同规模客户解决经常面对的挑战,即与当前 IT 基础架构有关的操控复杂性、低效率和不灵活等问题。新解决方案可按客户需要定制,解决特定应用和工作量的使用情况。此外,Dell 也在今天为全新客户群,包括公司的分行办事处和中小型企业市场,推出企业级的融合技术。

Dell提供系列融合和预集成(pre-integrated)解决方案,成为协助范围广泛客户的先驱,每个解决方案均经过特别设计,解决这些不同客户所面对的常见需要,即有关简单和灵活运作的需求。事实上,最近的IDC forecast2  揭露,在 IT 运营和管理相关的成本优势和效率、简化供应商参与以及 IT 系统更新而更快速达至生产力的带动下,融合系统开销预计将于 2011 年至 2016 年期间,取得超过 54% 的复合年增长率。 

马来西亚 Dell 商务总经理 KT Ong 说:“由于深切了解目前影响客户的现实商业环境,造就了 Dell 以客户为导向的创新,并通过提供现代化 IT 架构构思和设计以满足不同业务需要,我们了解目前的趋势,亦即一个标准无法解决所有要求。随着今天宣布的新解决方案,Dell 展示其区别化解决方案的产品开发路向,以满足所有不同规模的客户, 从只有五人的小型办公室直到大型数据中心,一应俱全。”  

适合办公室规模:  Dell PowerEdge VRTX
直到目前为止,以工作量及应用为中心的IT基础架构,皆为大型企业而设计,并没有针对快速增长的远程/分支办公室(ROBO)或中小型企业(SMB)客户的需求。根据由Dell和英特尔委托在 2013 年进行调查显示,美国小型企业和初创公司比较乐观并计划在近期内扩展公司,认为技术的采用是公司增长的成功关键。尽管如此,大部分受访企业认为技术支持日常运作,而只有适度比例的受访企业视技术为策略性资产。然而,经常使用此技术解决方案的客户,尤其是医疗保健、零售业和银行业,以及渠道合作伙伴均缺乏必需的灵活性、可扩展性和易于管理,以有效增长并与较大机构竞争。 

Dell 的优良传统建立在为所有规模的客户提供 IT 解决方案。鉴于以顾客为主,Dell 推出 PowerEdge VRTX,一体化私有云服务和首个节省空间、能置于桌面边设计并具备企业级功能,专为远程和小型办公环境设计的融合IT解决方案。Dell PowerEdge VRTX 使客户和合作伙伴 获得:

更简单的体验:由于服务器、存储、网络和管理集成在单一紧凑的机箱里,因此比较于安装各个特定任务的系统,PowerEdge VRTX 所使用的电缆减少达 86% 并可节省客户的时间。此外,它可以排除因不同外部设备和多种管理工具而造成的操控复杂性,成本和无序扩张。
实现更佳效率:更新至 Dell OpenManage Essentials for PowerEdge VRTX,体验更高生产率,其功能包括备有 IT 资产分布的新地理视图的全面、远程、无代理系统管理功能,可帮助节省时间和减少潜在错误。每个 PowerEdge VRTX 系统均捆绑 Dell 机箱管理控制器(CMC)的嵌入式控制台,实现服务器、存储和网络组件的统一和简化控制, 
预配置解决方案,成就更大价值:Dell PowerEdge VRTX 的预配置,先进业务解决方案,可以通过软件和服务进一步获得提升,解决渠道合作伙伴之间的要求,对垂直行业客户尤其重要。 

Intel Datacenter Marketing Group副总裁 Lisa Graff表示:“Dell PowerEdge VRTX为办公室环境带来了数据中心的绩效和功能,解决客户远程或分行办事处办公环境的的独特需求。PowerEdge VRTX是Dell环绕Intel数据中心构建部分所创建的融合基础架构设施解决方案一个很好的例子。”

适合企业规模:Dell 灵动架构(Dell Active Infrastructure) 
此外,Dell 也宣布其新推出的融合基础架构产品,灵动基础架构1.1(Active Infrastructure 1.1 ),帮助企业更快速的递交业务应用和 IT 服务,提高数据中心效率和加强 IT 服务质量。灵动基础架构产品组合包括:

1. 新验证的工作量:Dell 推出快速及准确的方法,协助客户部署常见工作量,包括关键企业应用、虚拟桌面和私有云运算工作量。管理员在提供新工作量时,通过运用非现成和定制工作量模板,以及经过验证的参考架构,可减少耗时和步骤达约 99%1。 
2. 更广泛的预集成系统组合:Dell 正在扩大其融合基础架构平台和参考架构,以涵盖Dell Active System 50、Dell Active System 200 、Dell Active System 800 及 Dell Active System 1000。这些预集成系统具有多个大小,视客户的要求和应用需要而定,并促使新虚拟基础架构的实施时间多达六倍更快速。
3. 增强统一管理平台:Dell 宣布Active System Manager 7.1,即集成IP(于最近收购自Gale Technologies )的灵动系统管理层,以通过单一控制台,自动化工作量及基础架构的部署。使客户所需工具从八种减至一种,除了深入虚拟集成功能,Active System Manager 7.1 的功能还包括支持微软的 Hyper-V 和 VMware vSphere 平台,工作量缩放和迁移的无状态计算,快速基础架构启用以发现资产,包括支持 Dell 和异构环境的广泛兼容性矩阵。

PowerEdge VRTX 将在未来数周内开始发售。
Dell Active Infrastructure 1.1 产品组合即将接受预订。 

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