Monday, June 10, 2013

Dell Software’s Foglight APM Equips Both IT and the Business With Answers, not Just Data

Customer-centric APM transforms IT into business-savvy technologists—helps them understand and manage technology that impacts customer satisfaction and business goals
Patent pending Transaction DNA technology unifies disparate data sources under a common business-oriented framework that increases collaboration and reduces Mean Time to Resolution

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 10, 2013 ─ Dell Software today announced the release of Foglight™ APM 5.9, which allows IT to see every step of a transaction for a complete picture of the end user’s experience with an application, combined with the exact execution path and other details through the entire application stack from the code and middleware, all the way down through the operating system and hypervisor.

While many businesses routinely gauge application availability, few have comprehensive visibility into the customer’s experience as they transact with an application. Foglight APM now links all application layer traces back to the end user, creating a single customer-centric transaction model that provides IT with actionable information to help them better understand and manage the technology that impacts business goals and customer satisfaction. Foglight APM enables both IT and business stakeholders to speak the same language ─ with a common focus on customer experience ─ and gives IT the capability to isolate problems, and identify opportunities to proactively improve application performance.

With its Transaction DNA technology, the new release of Foglight APM can also facilitate improved collaboration between IT operations and developers. This unique technology unifies disparate data sources under a common business-oriented framework, enabling the two groups to work on the same problem as a team to resolve it quickly and help alleviate blamestorms. Improved collaboration is key to reducing Mean Time to Resolution, and is a business priority today because of its impact on critical business process transactions and users conducting commerce with web applications.

News Facts:
Foglight APM 5.9 includes the following new capabilities:

Enhanced support for monitoring of AJAX applications
o Combines data collected from both the network and within the browser, to continuously report on 100 percent of user session activity, including performance breakdown and errors, navigation timing, and keyboard/mouse events

Unique Transaction DNA technology
o Delivers a data model that uses transactions as the framework for unifying disparate sources of IT data for dashboards, visualizations and analysis. All application layer traces are linked back to the end user and their associated session activity

Interactive pre-defined page content analysis
o Breakdown by location, browser and content type makes it easy for IT and business analysts alike to pivot user activity data to understand common attributes of application performance slowdowns and errors

Powerful “funnel” analysis of multi-step transactions
o Links directly back to data, to uniquely provide technical evidence for the impact on business transaction completion rates from factors such as web design, performance and more

Transaction Trace Repository for storage and analysis of high volume, high granularity data
o Specially designed to address the Big Data problem in APM by capturing all performance and content details for every click by every web user. A turnkey appliance (either physical or virtual) provides a single point of management, that is fast to install, easy to maintain, and scales to support the largest user volumes, with comprehensive security and compliance adherence

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