Thursday, June 6, 2013

Global Supplier of Innovative Technology Introduces New Range of Digital Sound Systems and Loudspeakers

Versatile choice for excellent audio performance.
Engineered with precision and designed for reliability
Future-proof technology for cost saving.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 6 June 2013 - Bosch Security Systems today introduced its latest range of digital sound system and portable loudspeakers. The flexible PLENA matrix digital sound system and ZLX portable powered loudspeakers stand apart with the most complete and innovative package features in their class, giving users more control over their sound.

Versatile Choice for Excellent Audio Performance
The advanced features of the PLENA matrix digital sound system enables users to achieve superb audio performance with wireless control across eight output zones.  Tailored to a wide range of applications to deliver full featured digital audio control with maximum flexibility and reliability, PLENA can also incorporate live and background music, high-demand speech environments as well as zone announcements.

 (From left) Mr Ng Thai Lim, Senior Technical Application Engineer, Mr Ivan Tay, Product Marketing Manager & Mr Steve Ong, Business Development Executive  of Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd.

Jacky Chuan Teck Wei, General Manager of Security Division at Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd said, “The new PLENA matrix Digital Sound System showcases Bosch’s innovative strength as it combines engineering precision with cost effective future-proof invention for optimum acoustic performance. Specially designed for versatility, the PLENA matrix system enables users to control audio settings and volume levels wirelessly via an iPad or iPhone app.”

The iOS app for the PLENA matrix system sets new standards for end user control as users can simply walk into a particular zone and confidently mix and select inputs while controlling output levels.  The heart and soul of the PLENA matrix system which is the 8-channel DSP Matrix Processer also provides complete control over audio configurations and signal processing.

“Innovative design and economic advantages also go hand in hand with the PLENA matrix system, such as its Class D power amplifiers which feature an Auto Standby mode that is activated by Bosch motion sensors in output zones that are unoccupied. This helps to generate cost savings of up to 80 percent as compared to standard amplifiers, and reduces overall power consumption presenting a significantly lowered impact to the environment,” adds Jacky.
The PLENA matrix digital sound system, tailored to a wide range of applications to deliver full featured digital audio control with maximum flexibility and reliability.

Designed for flexible installation and easy configurability
PLENA matrix sound systems are depended upon in countless locations around the world be it in business, education or leisure environments, and the innovative technology that goes into the development of the PLENA matrix system enables users to enjoy premium audio quality for any application that requires top-notch quality speech or music.

Eliminating the need for strip wires, solder connections or manually secure terminals, the PLENA matrix system provides flexible system control between the DSP processor and amplifier to transport up to four channels of audio with Amp Link connection, which is simple and quick to install.

Additionally, basic user controls such as volume and source selection can be operated with a wall mounted panel controller while more advanced users who need control over multiple zones can use the attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for windows which is designed to give installers maximum control over their setup while the iPad and iPhone GUI offers simplicity and ease of use. For easier integration within a building management and control system, the PLENA matrix DSP mixer and amplifiers are controlled via Ethernet, providing complete sound control.

Optimum Acoustic Performance
The built-in DSP processor of the PLENA matrix Power Amplifiers are packed with powerful features, including a loudspeaker library which allows easy tuning of Bosch/EV/Dynacord loudspeaker products to deliver optimum acoustic performance that is comparable to professional sound audio systems. Users will also appreciate the powerful wireless control capabilities of the PLENA matrix systems and be surprised at its flexibility across vertical applications for retail spaces, office buildings, fitness gyms, restaurants and bars, and conference facilities.
The ZLX Powered Loudspeakers with the most complete and innovative features in its class which work together for superior sound.

The ZLX Powered Loudspeakers
The new range of portable powered loudspeakers by Bosch cuts through the competition with the most complete and innovative features in its class which work together for superior sound.  The ZLX features include visual control and monitoring with presets, custom built 1000-W class D amplifier and Electro-Voice (EV) - engineered components for superior sound.

Furthermore, the compact and lightweight ZLX-12P provides power and performance beyond the scope of other small format loudspeakers, making it a suitable choice for smaller venue sound reinforcement or stage monitoring.

“Whether used on its own or with a sub-woofer, the ZLX powered loudspeakers provides crisp, clean highs and tight, deep lows for large spaces to ensure you are heard loudly and clearly.  The compact and versatile power ZLX model make EVs legendary sound quality and rugged reliability more accessible than ever before,” concludes Jacky.

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