Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (HSIS) Partners with e-Lock

HSIS announces collaboration with local web security provider to strengthen its key business line of Infrastructure & Managed Services (IMS)

Kuala Lumpur, July 17, 2013 –Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd (“HSIS”), a leading IT services and solutions provider, today announces its partnership with Malaysian-based information security company, e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd (“e-Lock”), to offer comprehensive enterprise-level web security solutions in the South East Asia (SEA) region.

The e-Lock partnership is part of HSIS’ strategic plan to strengthen one of its three key business lines - the Infrastructure & Managed Services (IMS) portfolio, that focuses on the provisioning of Systems & Storage, End-to-End Virtualization Solutions, Data Management/Storage, High Availability/Disaster Recovery, ITO Managed Services, Infra/Cloud Security, Data Center Outsourcing & Cloud Services, to corporate enterprises.

Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO / Director of HSIS, says, “We have identified e-Lock as the strategic partner to provide a truly end-to-end solution and services offering via HSIS’ IMS portfolio.

 (From Left): 
1. Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO / Director, Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn Bhd
2. Dr. Ken Leong, founder and CEO, e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd

“With e-Lock’s WebALARM security capabilities, business organizations can now deploy comprehensive IT security countermeasures over their Web-based networks to protect their information assets and against unauthorized website alteration, in order to maintain full availability of their web-based applications for the business,” shares Cheah.

“The new web security enhancement from e-Lock enables HSIS to better position our IMS offerings to wider markets including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, thus extending our reach in the region.”

Dr. Ken Leong, founder and CEO of e-Lock says, “This partnership also sees e-Lock appointing HSIS as our Tier-1 distributor for Japan and the SEA markets; in line with the expectation of rapid e-Lock WebALARM adoption across the region with increased demands for data monitoring and protection solutions.”

Part of Strategy for Revenue Target
Since its establishment from the joint venture (JV) announcement between Hitachi Systems, Ltd. and Sunway Technology Sdn Bhd earlier this year, HSIS is on a focused mission to achieve its revenue target of RM123.2 million by the end of its FY2015.

Cheah says, “HSIS’ business is to provide IT solutions and services in Malaysia and Southeast Asia markets via three core business lines of a) enterprise applications b) engineering solutions and c) Infrastructure & Managed Services (IMS).

“This e-Lock partnership is a definitive solution strategy for to boost the HSIS’ IMS business line, which is expected to contribute an overall 25% of the Groups’ total annual revenue.

With e-Lock on board, HSIS can offer a more comprehensive web security offerings for businesses in the financial services, education and government sectors,” he ends.

日立雙威資訊(Hitachi Sunway Information Systems, HSIS) 与本地 e-Lock合伙公告


Kuala Lumpur, July 17, 2013 –日本日立集團與大馬雙威科技合資成立的日立雙威資訊系統(“日立雙威”,Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd), 今天宣布與馬來西亞網絡安全方案供應商,e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd (“e-Lock”)合伙,在東南亞地區提供全面的企業級網絡安全方案。

日立雙威称与e-Lock合作是其公司的营业戰略計劃之一,以增加強其三大之一的主要業務線 – 科技基礎設施與管理服務(Infrastructure & Managed Services, IMS),側重於系統和貯存,虛擬化解決方案, 數據资讯存儲管理,科技託管服務,雲端科技和數據中心外包服務。


“新的網絡安全功能更好地定位了我們計科技基礎設施和管理服務业务的素质与全面性, 并有助公司开阔市場与業務範圍,其中包括新加坡,泰國,印度尼西亞,菲律賓和越南,從而在該地區擴大我們的。”

龍藉泳博士, e-Lock創办人兼執行長也說,“本次合作委任了日立雙威作為我們在日本和東南亞市場的分銷商, 以应对随着市场预计对资讯監測和保護解決方案的需求提升, 的WebALARM方案采用数量增加。”


他進一步說,“日立雙威的業務是通過其三大核心業務 一)企業级應用方案 (enterprise applications), 二)工程解決方案 (engineering solutions), 和 三)科技基礎設施與管理服務(IMS), 在馬來西亞及東南亞市場内提供科技解決方案和服務。”



I)成立於1996年,e-Lock公司是國民投資機構(Permodalan Nasional Berhad ,PNB)旗下子公司之一。該公司提供網絡资讯安全解決方案和服務。其客户遍布日本,中國,台灣,南非,東南亞和美國。

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