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Malaysian Celebrities Get on LINE!

˗ LINE launched Official Accounts for rising stars Neelofa, Nazim Othman
and Fizo Omar
˗ The three new celebrities have also joined LINE’s new wave of popularity in Malaysia by starring in a series of the TV commercials
˗ LINE is one of the fastest growing mobile messaging services in the world as surpassing the 200 million-milestone globally only 25 months after its initial launch

[Tuesday, 23 July 2013 – Kuala Lumpur] LINE, the world’s hottest mobile messaging platform, yesterday launched Official Accounts for three Malaysian celebrities, Neelofa, Nazim Othman and Fizo Omar. The leading mobile messaging platform has attained exponential growth since its launch in June 2011, with a record number of 200 million users worldwide and ranked as the number 1 app in the free app category for 47 countries including Malaysia.

These new Official Accounts will enable LINE users to befriend these rising stars of Malaysia and communicate directly with them on LINE. Fans can follow their updates and interact with them in real time during ‘On Air Mode’, where they can read and respond to messages from LINE users.

“The addition of the three new celebrities on Official Accounts is in line with our ambition to grow our user base in Malaysia and strengthen the emotional connection with users as we evolve to become a true Smartphone Life Platform. It represents a big part of LINE’s continuous efforts in delivering localised user experience, content and services to make LINE relevant to users not only from all over the world, but also in Malaysia,” says Simeon Cho, General Manager of Global LINE Business, LINE PLUS Corporation.

These three rising Malaysian celebrities also recently filmed a series of four LINE TV commercials as they unveil their personality and interaction as buddies, as well as rivals too. In this entertaining series, while Neelofa and Nazim get to relight their experience working together since the acclaimed drama series “Kau Yang Terindah”, the addition of Fizo sparked new chemistry and friendships among the three of them.

The first edition of the TV commercial features Neelofa and her sister Nabila, where the latter attempted to borrow a dress from Neelofa as they chat on LINE using Stickers, text and voice messaging. The other commercials captured Nazim and Fizo in action competing with each other on LINE Games.

Since the TV commercials premiered on local television channels on 12 July 2013, the messaging application tracked an increased daily download rate of over 200 per cent in Malaysia. The rapid user growth bolsters LINE’s greater commitment to continuously roll out more localised and tailored features for Malaysian users.  

Recently, LINE has released a set of eight (8) special limited edition Ramadhan stickers for Malaysians users in conjunction with the blessed Ramadhan fasting month and upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

Each sticker depicts global iconic LINE characters – Cony, Brown, Moon and Sally – in a fun and animated way as they perform a variety of traditional customs, including seeking forgiveness, salam with each other, serving ketupat and balik kampung. Apart from sending spiced-up mobile greetings on LINE, users are able to use the Ramadhan Stickers to decorate their photos on LINE Camera.  

LINE has also extended its partnerships with local business entities to run the LINE's Special Hari Raya Giveaway where LINE is giving away sampul duit raya (green envelopes) at various locations across Malaysia throughout the Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri season. These envelopes are available for free at BHPetrol stations, Chatime outlets, Chaswood chain of restaurants, Nokia outlets, as well as HotFM events.

On June, LINE has presented the localized stickers exclusively dedicated to Malaysian users based on a popular Malaysian animation icon, Upin & Ipin. Furthermore, LINE will continue to offer more fun and exciting features, in addition to carrying out more locally-tailored marketing campaigns to become an integral part of Malaysian users’ daily lives.

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Neelofa’s TVC in English and Malay

Nazim Othman’s TVC in English and Malay


˗ LINE推介明日之星Neelofa、Nazim Othman和 Fizo Omar的官方帐户
˗ 通过主演了一系列电视广告,这三位新晋艺人也加入LINE在马来西亚全新一波的艺人阵容
˗ LINE是全球其中一个成长最快的移动通讯服务,推介25个月后,全球用户达到2.0亿

[吉隆坡,2013年7月23日] LINE -全球最热门的手机短信平台,今天正式推介马来西亚艺人Othman和Fizo Omar的官方帐户。自2011年六月推出以来,此移动信息平台已经快速地在成长。在全球拥有2.0亿用户,独占全球47个国家免费应用程序排行鳌头,马来西亚也包括在内。

这些全新的官方帐户,让LINE用户能与马来西亚的当红艺人成为朋友,并直接通过LINE交流。粉丝可以追随他们的最新动态,并且在“On Air Mode”时进行互动,更可以阅读和回复LINE用户的邮件。

“这三位新晋艺人官方账户的加入,证明了我们欲增加马来西亚LINE用户的决心,加强用户之间的情感联系,同时也更进一步地迈向我们的目标,那就是成为真正的智能手机生活平台。这也说明了LINE不间断地努力为大马用户加入更多本土化的体验、内容和服务,让LINE不仅适合世界各地的用户一起使用而已,马来西亚也不例外。”LINE Plus Corporation的Global LINE Business总经理,Simeon Cho说到。

这三位马来西亚的后起之秀最近也参与拍摄4支LINE系列电视广告,不但揭开了他们作为好友的真性情和互动,同时也呈现了身为竞争对手的另一面。这个有趣的广告系列,让Neelofa和Nazim继广受好评的连续剧“Kau Yang Terindah”后,能再次延烧他们合作的体验。而Fizo的加入,更让他们三人的友谊起了化学作用。





除此以外,LINE也在马来西亚扩展了伙伴关系,与本地商家一起进行“LINE 开斋节特别献礼”。LINE将在斋戒月和开斋节期间,在全国各地派送“青包”。这些“青包”也可以在以下地点免费索取,如BHP油站、Chatime门市、ChasWood旗下连锁餐厅、Nokia门市和HotFM活动。

在六月,LINE献上了马来西亚闻名的动画角色Upin & Ipin为主的贴纸,这款贴纸特别为马来西亚用户而设。因此,LINE将继续提供更多有趣和振奋人心的功能,并且举办更多为马来西亚用户量身定做的营销活动,致力于让LINE成为马来西亚用户日常生活中的一部分。


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Neelofa’s TVC in English and Malay

Nazim Othman’s TVC in English and Malay

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