Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SpeakEZ Chinese, the Easy Way!

An innovative & interactive online learning tool just for you.

Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR – M3 Technologies announced the release of SpeakEZ Chinese, an online Mandarin learning tool to help you to speak & practise Mandarin in an Easy & Fun way.  It is rich in content, integrated with artificial intelligence and it is fun to use. With over 300 lessons in the form of role-play scenarios for you to pick from, SpeakEZ is so versatile that you can enjoy the comfort of learning at anywhere any time. Speaking perfect  Mandarin is no longer a dream with this interactive language tool.

 With SpeakEZ Chinese, you can now say goodbye to the conventional way of learning in school. No more CDs and bulky textbooks nor foundation classes required. Most importantly, you are no longer confined to physical classes during a specific time or place. Instead, you can now engage in a more robust learning environment through the enhanced key features of the system like voice recognition, intelligent playback, subtitle option and progress bar apart from the usual lesson assessments and educational games.

Voice Recognition Feature
We have a very powerful voice recognition system that allows correction of your pronunciation on the spot. Learning with SpeakEZ Chinese is as good as learning with a personal tutor next to you, which in our case, your tutor is virtual. The system is capable of identifying words that you have mispronounced for instant correction.

Intelligent Playback Feature
 Ever wonder why some language learning tools may not be as effective? With SpeakEZ Chinese, your practice sessions or tutorials can be recorded and playback. The playback feature allows accurate identification of areas that you did not fare well. So, instead of learning blindly, you are now able to have a highly intensive and area-focused revision that is spot on.

Subtitle Option Feature
You are given the full control of having the subtitle feature switched on or off as per your preference and liking. Simply turn on the subtitle if you require additional assistance from the system before mastering the language. Likewise, turn it off if you think you are already up to the mark with the language.

Progress Bar Feature
Progress Bar is an enhanced feature that constantly keeps you up-to-date of your learning progress at one glance. The summary dashboard keeps you on track with the lessons and activities that you have covered so that you will not miss out any of our interesting modules.

Educational Games
This is no doubt a better way to learn as it integrates the fun elements into our lessons. SpeakEZ Chinese is packed and loaded with auxiliary games that not only serve to fulfil your quench for leisure, and simultaneously, these customized games can definitely satisfy your quest for learning.

Are you all gear-up to speak Mandarin now?
Ponder no more! To learn more about SpeakEZ Chinese, please visit or please contact:

 Eddie Lim, Head of Product
 T: 03-7954 1785

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