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Kuala Lumpur, 23 July 2013:  LCM Marketing Sdn Bhd brings Aiptek CarCamcorder X3 to Malaysia to increase road safety.   Despite taking the necessary precautions, Malaysian drivers, especially women, continue to fall victim to the increasing number of threats on the road including smash and grab robbery, road bully, hit and run, theft and reckless driving.

When faced with loss of valuables, damage to vehicle, personal injury and even loss of life, having a full HD black box offers some certainty and peace of mind after these unfortunate incidents.  Now, in addition, with every purchase of the AIPTEK Carcamcoder X3, customers will enjoy RM20,000 worth of personal accident insurance coverage and RM1000 in accident-related medical expenses (terms and conditions apply).

AIPTEK’s latest model, the CarCamcorder X3 is heat resistant up to 75ºC, which is ideal for the warm tropical weather in Malaysia, and this ensures the longest durability and reliability to capture events around your vehicle.  In addition to its two-year warranty, all AIPTEK products are insured under a USD5 million International Product Liability Insurance.

The X3 has superior recording capabilities. The 140° wide angle lens of the compact, black, five megapixel camera misses nothing while the car is on the move.  The CarCamcorder is equipped with a 2.0 aperture lens system, which provides an unchallenged recording quality among similar product, even in the dark of night.

The X3 has a G sensor for smart detecting in the event of an unforeseen collision. The built-in acceleration sensor allows the camera to detect impact and save the recording into a SDHC memory card (between 4 and 32GB) permanently. In addition, the manual emergency record allow user to save the previous and next 30 seconds of unexpected event just by pressing a button. This leaves no room for doubt in the event of an insurance claim and the cause of the accident is documented seamlessly.
The CarCamcorder offers surveillance comfort for your mind when you are away from your vehicle.  The HD footages not only promote road safety by educating the public, it also serves as information and evidence for police investigation.

With all these benefits and more, it is no surprise that over 60% of drivers in Taiwan have installed CarCamcorders in their cars.  To get some assurance against threats on the road, get your AIPTEK CarCamcorder X3 today at AEON, and other major IT retailers in Malaysia. For more information, please visit

PASSENGER 2.0: AIPTEK 全新汽车黑箱,备有自动意外侦测系统 – “CARCAMCORDER X3”

(吉隆坡2013年7月23日讯)LCM Marketing Sdn Bhd诚意推出了Aiptek CarCamcorder X3,希望能协助提升大马的公路安全。尽管已采取各种必要的防范措施,大马驾驶者,尤其是女性,仍无可幸免地在与日俱增的公路威胁下沦为偷窃、攫夺、路霸、撞后逃跑、砸窗抢劫和鲁莽驾驶的受害者。

面对突如其来的财物损失、擦撞意外、受伤事故和人命伤亡,全高清黑箱无疑将为这些不幸事故带来必要证据和几许安心。如今,凡购买一套AIPTEK Carcamcoder X3,顾客们即可额外享有价值RM20,000 的个人意外保单和RM1000的意外相关医药开销(必须符合条规)。 

AIPTEK最新颖的CarCamcorder X3可耐热高达75ºC,是马来西亚热带气候的理想选择,这项特点确保它具有最耐用和可靠的性能,并可捕捉您轿车周围的一切动向。除了长达2年的保用期,所有AIPTEK产品亦受保于一项高达500万美金的国际产品责任保险。 

X3 具有卓越的录制功能。视角140度的精巧及黑色相机,可通过5兆像素的清晰画面摄录轿车移动时的所有事物。CarCamcorder 备有2.0镜头光圈系统,就算在黑夜中也能提供同类产品所无法媲美绝佳画质。 

此外,X3 也设有G sensor感应器,可在意外事故发生时自动感测拍摄画面。这个内建式加速感应器让相机可察觉冲击力,并在第一时间将画面永久储存至SDHC记忆卡中(介于4和32GB)。除此,只需通过一个简单按钮,使用者就能透过‘手动式紧急录影功能’储存事故前后的30秒画面。这不仅能为保险索赔提供确凿的证据,还可完整地记录意外的成因。

CarCamcorder 可在您离开轿车后,为您提供安心备至的监视功能。高清影像不但能教育公众以促进公路安全,还可为警方的调查提供信息和证据。

伴随多不胜数的益处,怪不得在台湾已有超过60%的驾驶者在车中安装CarCamcorders 。今天就到AEON、 和大马其他主要的IT零售商店购买AIPTEK CarCamcorder X3 ,以作为您对抗公路威胁的安心保障吧!欲知更多详情,请浏览。

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