Friday, August 30, 2013

Castrol Launches CARAMA In Malaysia’s FIRST Online Service for Trusted Car Care

Kuala Lumpur, 29 August 2013 – Castrol, one of the world’s leading premium lubricant specialists has extended its service beyond its lubricant business to the car care industry. Today, Castrol announced the launch of ‘Carama’ - a web and mobile enabled portal which simplifies car care, maintenance and workshop guide for consumers in an easy-to-use and one-stop solution. Ultimately, Carama helps to rebuild the relationship and trust between car owners and workshops.

A recent survey with over 400 respondents in Klang Valley showed the need for independent workshops to build a trusted relationship with car owners, providing them with transparency in pricing and assurance in the quality of workmanship, skills and equipment.

Carama Certified Shops* was then conceptualised to address this issue by providing an overall quality score, based on a 40 point rigorous screening by our panel of independent third party experts, ensuring that these shops meet the highest standards of quality, skills, transparency, customer service, health and safety compliance.

Commenting on the exciting new initiative, Sumeet Wadhwa, General Manager - Castrol Innoventures (Strategic innovation arm of Castrol), said: “Carama is envisioned to be the ‘go to’ site for car care in Malaysia, although we are still in the early stages of the portal’s development. Car owners have a high level of concern and uncertainty regarding maintenance costs, price and quality of repair for their vehicles. Carama will streamline the selection process and provide car owners peace-of-mind and confidence that they have made the right decision in their choice of the workshop.”

The Carama portal provides core features like accredited repair shop locator, spare parts calculator, my car** logbook and Carama rewards***. Car owners will also be able to share consumer reviews based on actual experiences of Carama Certified and Listed Shops. As Malaysia’s first social graph car care portal, Carama connects car owners to share their experiences and car maintenance tips with friends, family and the general public.

Wadhwa added Carama’s benefit to workshops and mechanics: “Carama will also benefit independent workshops and mechanics by generating valuable business leads for those who lack the capability to market their workshops, especially online.”
According to Roy Williamson, Managing Director of Castrol InnoVentures, “Carama’s vision is to become the  number one player in aftermarket car care and service space by connecting consumers, workshops and affiliates, through a one stop web and mobile enabled platform, leveraging Castrol’s heritage of trust and customer relationships. We are confident that Carama will change the aftermarket car care experience for all car owners, simplifying the maintenance of their car.”

Be amongst the first to experience Carama and get rewarded by just signing up at

嘉实多在大马推出CARAMA -全马第一个以网络服务寻找可信任的汽车护理坊

2013年8月29日,吉隆坡 - 嘉实多(Castrol),是世界领先优质润滑油专家之一,他们把其服务扩展到润滑油业务以外至汽车护理行业。今天,嘉实多宣布推出’Carama' – 一个网络和移动功能的网站,从而简化汽车护理在一个易于使用和一站式解决方案下,为消费者的汽车保养,维修和成为他们的车坊指南。最终目的是让Carama有助于重建车主和车坊之间的关系和信任。

为了解决这一问题,Carama Certified Shops* 被概念化来提供完整的服务评分。让独立第三者专家小组通过一个以40 条例严格筛选车坊,确保这些车坊达到最高标准的素质,技能,透明度,客户服务,健康和安全合规性。

对这令人振奋的新倡议,嘉实多Innoventures总经理(嘉实多的战略创新左右手),Sumeet Wadhwa说:“虽然我们仍处于网站新开发的初段,但Carama的宏愿是成为大马必须‘浏览’的网站,寻找关于汽车护理的资料。车主拥有一个高层次的忧虑和不安和对他们车所保养的成本、价钱、维修而感到怀疑。Carama将简化这些选择过程,并赋予车主安心和信心,让他们为所选择的车坊做出正确的决定”。

Carama网站提供一些核心功能,譬如已检验的车坊定位器,车备件计算器,My Car**日记和Carama回馈计划***。车主也将能够对于Carama认证和列出的车坊分享他们自己的实际经验和客户评价。作为马来西亚的第一社交图汽车护理网站,Carama把车主和其朋友,家人和大众连接起来,让他们一起分享他们的经验和汽车保养技巧。


根据嘉实多InnoVentures的董事总经理,Roy Williamson,“Carama的愿景是成为售后汽车护理和服务空间的佼佼者,透过一站式网络和手机功能平台连接消费者、车坊、和关联公司,及充分利用嘉实多的历史,信任和客户关系。我们有信心Carama 能为所有的车主改变售后汽车护理,简化汽车的保养及维护过程”。


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