Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hitachi Sunway Makes the First RM 1 Million Hitachi Storage Sale in Southeast Asia

Helps boost Sunway Group’s data center efficiency by 500 per cent 

Kuala Lumpur, October 09, 2013 – Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd (“HSIS”), a leading IT services and solutions provider in Southeast Asia (SEA), today announce that it has sealed its first significant IT storage sale since its joint venture establishment between Hitachi Systems, Ltd. and Sunway Technology Sdn Bhd earlier this year in April.

The close to RM1 million storage consolidation project consists of Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) 130 storage systems implementation and support services is made to Sunway Shared Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Sunway Berhad (“Sunway”).

Sunway, as a public listed holding company and one of Malaysia’s most recognized property construction groups with businesses worldwide, selected the storage solutions from HSIS is an effort to boost the capabilities and performances of its existing IT Shared Services Center.

According to Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO / Director of HSIS, the deal exemplifies the company’s commitment to offering superior data storage and IT solutions to business organizations in SEA.

“HSIS is proud to have succeeded in making this sale as it has confirmed our strong in-country presence to provide fast and efficient support to enterprise customers, such as the Sunway Group,” says Cheah.

HSIS meets Critical Business Requirements of The Sunway Group

Meanwhile, Dato' Chew Chee Kin, President of The Sunway Group shares that the group has been experiencing exponential growth and diversification of data due to operational expansion in terms of branches, customer bases and employees.

“The current storage infrastructure of our IT Shared Services Center can no longer handle the massive volume of data and meet the business demands. We recognized the need for an upgrade to continue supporting our rapid growth,” he says.

Sunway Group’s IT Shared Services Center is a centralized data center which hosts all data and handles IT application demands from on-premise and remote offices that are spread across its diversified businesses including construction, property development, trading, quarrying, manufacturing, theme parks, medical & healthcare, and hospitality chains.

Recently, Sunway Group’s IT Shared Services Center was certified with the ISO/IEC 27001:2007 Information Security Management System (ISMS) by SIRIM QAS International in recognition of its high commitment in information security, data asset protection, and operational excellence.

Sunway Group opted for the Hitachi Data Systems offerings after a three-month evaluation. “Hitachi Unified Storage stands out from the other two prominent storage brands in the market space as it demonstrates high credibility in the areas of overall value, performance, security, and data centralization capabilities,” says Dato' Chew.

“Another key decisive factor that made Hitachi Data Systems the choice of Sunway lies in the HSIS commitment as an implementation partner working towards improving our data center infrastructure with their proven expertise and track record. The new storage solution can help improve our IT Shared Services Center’s data I/O (Input/Output) performance by up to 500 percent,” adds Dato' Chew.

The migration of Sunway Group’s entire storage environment onto Hitachi storage solutions is fully completed by the end of September, 2013.


日立雙威售接近1 million 令吉日立存儲系统; 幫助双威集團提升數據中心效率达500%

吉隆坡, 10月 09日讯 –日本日立集團與大馬雙威科技合資成立的日立雙威資訊系統(“日立雙威”,Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd), 今天宣布已售出首個重大的科技存儲系统。

此销售價值接近1 million 令吉, 其整合存儲項目包括了 Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) 130型号的存儲系統,實施和服務支援。 售予双威集團的子公司之一,Sunway Shared Services Sdn Bhd。

雙威为一個马来西亚上市公司,是在大马與世界各地广被认同的物業建築集团群體。選擇日立的科技存儲解決方案主要是为了提升其的科技共享服務中心 (IT Shared Services Center)能力和表现。




與此同時,拿督周志堅, 双威集團總裁表示,基于業務分支機構,客戶基礎和員工数量的讯速擴張, 該集團也同时遇上了數据增長和多樣化數據的困境。 “我们目前的存儲基礎設施并不足以让我們的科技IT共享服務中心處理龐大的數據量,並滿足業務需求。我們認識到有必要的進行升級,繼續支持我們的快速增長,“他說。


“在经过三個月的評估,雙威集團選擇了Hitachi Unified Storage,可说是從其他兩個著名的存儲品牌中脫穎而出。” 拿督周志堅表示。

“选择Hitachi Unified Storage主要是因日立双威对提升我們數據中心基礎設施的實施合作承諾。新的存儲解決方案可以幫助提高我們科技共享服務中心的數據Input / Output(輸入/輸出)性能高達500%,“ 拿督周志堅补充说。

雙威集團的整個存儲環境的遷移到 Hitachi Unified Storage解決方案的项目已在2013年9月全面完成。

謝先生結尾说,“這個項目是一個很好的參考案。 其认同我們的科技IT產品对其他區域的大型集團企業的效益 – 專為存儲基礎設施的改善,以支持不斷增長的數據業務需求。”

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