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WD Gives Consumers the “Power of Choice”

“Speak Out in Style” Campaign Encourages Consumers to Express Their Support for the Environment

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 October 2013 – WD® in Malaysia today announced the launch of the Speak Out in Style campaign to encourage consumers to voice their thoughts and make good choices for the benefit of the environment.

“WD encourages consumers to speak out and share their computing needs so that we can assist them in making the right storage decisions,” said Margaret Koh, Sales Director, Asia South at WD.  “In the same vein, the Speak Out in Style campaign is in line with WD’s belief that every little bit of effort counts, especially when it concerns the environment. We want to encourage Malaysians to come together to show their support for Mother Nature, as well.”

(Furthest left) Dr. Wong Kok Keong, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Arts, Department of Communication, Sunway University; (fifth from left, behind) Ms. Catherine Lee, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Arts, Department of Communication, Sunway University; (third from left, in front) Mr. Reza Salleh; (sixth from left, behind) Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director, Sunway University and Sunway Education Group; (sixth from right, behind) Ms. Genevieve Sambhi and (fifth from right, behind) Ms. Margaret Koh, Director of Sales, Asia South, Western Digital posing together with a group of students during the WD Speak Out in Style media launch event at Sunway University.

“The Speak Out in Style campaign follows the success of the WD “Power of Choice” initiative which seeks to provide consumers with the type of drive that complements their unique usage requirements and demands. WD “Power of Choice” storage solutions consist of: WD Blue™ (solid performance and reliability for everyday computing), WD Green™ (cool and quiet), WD Black™ (maximum performance for power computing) and WD Red™ (home and small office NAS). The four-color scheme makes it simple for consumers to choose the drive that best suits their specific storage needs,” said Margaret.

Starting from today until 28 February 2014, the Speak Out in Style campaign has two main components. The first component consists of two contests, called the ‘Caption Sticker Contest’ and ‘T-Shirt Caption Contest’ respectively. These caption contests require participants to voice their thoughts on how to make the world more environmentally friendly by submitting creative captions to win a wide variety of prizes, including shopping vouchers, wireless speakers and professional cameras. The contests will be hosted on WD Malaysia’s Facebook page at
The second component of the Speak Out in Style campaign involves a series of on-ground engagements with selected colleges and universities around the Klang Valley. These colleges include Sunway University, INTI College Subang, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), HELP University and KDU University College.

Called ‘Speak Out Sessions’, the on-ground activities will include local celebrities such as Ben Ibrahim, Thanuja Ananthan and Genevieve Sambhi joining in to share their thoughts on various causes, charitable organizations and NGOs which they represent in order to inspire students to be more vocal about the environment. The Speak Out Sessions also provide an avenue for students to present their thoughts and speak on environmental issues which are close to their hearts.

Margaret Koh further emphasized WD’s goal of reaching out to college and university students as being a key part of the Speak Out in Style campaign. She said, “WD is proud to be working with centers of learning which see and understand the value of helping to inculcate the ability to speak out, particularly amongst college and university students who are essentially the leaders of tomorrow, as well as the new advocates for the environment in the future.”

Dr. Wong Kok Keong, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Arts at Sunway University is on hand to officiate the campaign as one of the partner colleges and universities for the Speak Out Sessions. He highlights the need for tertiary students to develop a mindset which will help them to make better choices and decisions. “It’s important to cultivate the ability to be able to articulate thoughts, opinions and viewpoints, especially in colleges and universities where students are required to think critically and analytically,” he said. “Having the ability to speak out their opinions clearly and confidently will certainly go a long way towards creating a new generation that will stand up to protect the environment in the near future to come,” he added.


“Speak Out in Style”活动赋予消费者来为他们表达对环境的支持

吉隆坡2013年10月17日讯——WD®今天在马来西亚宣布推出Speak Out in Style活动,赋予消费者表达他们的想法并作出对环境有利的正确选择。

 “WD鼓励消费者说出和分享他们对电脑方面的需求,以让我们可以帮助他们做出正确的储存设备决定。”WD南亚销售总裁Margaret Koh表示。“这项Speak Out in Style活动完全符合WD的信念,也就是任何大小的努力都不会白费,特别是和环境相关的。WD Green™储存设备特别针对环境的考量而设计,而我们要鼓励马来西亚人民一起来表示他们对大自然的支持。”

 “Speak Out in Style活动承继了WD“Power of Choice”的举动,它旨在为消费者提供了各类型的储存设备,可以充分满足他们独有的用途要求和需求。” WD的“Power of Choice”储存设备解决方案包含了WD Blue™(坚实的表现和可靠性用于日常电脑处理)、WD Green™(低温与安静)、WD Black™(最大的表现用于强大的电脑处理)以及WD Red™(居家与小型办公室的网络储存伺服器NAS)。这四种颜色的方案将让消费者可以容易地选择最适合他们特定储存需求的储存设备。”Margaret补充道。

从今天开始直到2014年2月28日,Speak Out in Style活动备有两个主要的部分。第一个部分由两个比赛所组成,分别是‘Caption Sticker Contest’和‘T-Shirt Caption Contest’。这些标题形式的比赛会要求参赛者通过提交创意的标题来说出他们的想法,以赢取非常多样的奖品,包括购物礼券、无线扬声器和专业相机。这个比赛将会在马来西亚WD的Facebook专页进行。

至于Speak Out in Style活动的第二个部分则涉及了在巴生谷一代的特定学院和大学,来进行一系列的现场活动。这些高等学府包括双威大学(Sunway University)、梳邦英迪学院(INTI College Subang)、玛拉工艺大学(Universiti Teknologi MARA——UiTM)、精英大学(HELP University)以及KDU伯乐大学(KDU University College)。名为‘Speak Out Sessions’的这个现场活动,将会有本地艺人如Ben Ibrahim、Thanuja Ananthan和Genevieve Sambhi的出席,一起和大家分享他们想法的初衷、他们所代表的慈善机构和非政府组织,以便可以启发学生们让他们更勇于为环境表达意见。Speak Out Sessions也为学生们提供一个途径来让他们表达自己的想法,以及说出一些对他们相当重要的环境问题。

Margaret Koh进一步强调说,WD的目标是要接触学院和大学学生群以作为Speak Out in Style活动的一个关键部分。她说道:“WD深感荣幸可以和各大学府携手合作,可以看到和了解在帮助灌输表达能力方面的价值,特别是大学院和大学的学生们基本上都可能是未来的领导人,同时也是未来环境的提倡者。”

双威大学艺术学院的资深讲师Dr. Wong Kok Keong也有在场见证该活动,因为该学府是Speak Out Sessions合作学府之一。他强调有必要去培养大专学生的心态,这将有助于他们做出更好的选择和决策。“培养能够表达想法、意见和观点的能力显得相当重要,特别是在学院和大学的学生,他们需要谨慎和分析性的思考能力。”他表示。“能够备有清楚自信地说出他们看法的能力无疑将会长久性地培养出新一代,坚持地保护未来的环境。”他补充道。

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