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AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad redefines standards to support cancer patients with emphasis on importance of early care

Kuala Lumpur, 13 November 2013 – AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad (AXA AFFIN Life) has launched the AXA 110 Cancer Care Project in collaboration with the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). This project centres on AXA AFFIN Life’s commitment to support and care for critical illness patients, especially patients diagnosed with cancer. In conjunction with the launch, AXA AFFIN Life will be offering two new protection plans: AXA 110 Cancer Care and AXA 110 Critical Illness (CI) Care respectively. The launch also marks the first and only online portal at in Malaysia that people can sign up for a cancer plan.

According to a report published by the National Cancer Registry of Malaysia (NCR) in 2008, 21,773 Malaysians are being diagnosed with cancer on a yearly basis from 2003 to 2005. Alarmingly, almost 10,000 cases are unregistered every year.

(L)Mr. Loke Kah Meng, Chief Executive Officer, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad. (R)Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, President and Medical Director, National Cancer Society Malaysia.

“Statistics revealed that cancer is one of the major health problems in Malaysia. It is also estimated that one in four Malaysians will develop cancer by 75 years old . We may not think we will ever be diagnosed with cancer one day; but we have no control over the uncertainties in life,” said Mr. Loke Kah Meng, Chief Executive Officer of AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad.

“Malaysians need to understand that delayed care is a prime cause for cancer-related deaths and the high costs of treating cancer are better managed when we are financially prepared with early care. It is imperative to get early cancer protection in order to benefit from early cancer detection,” he continued.

This campaign was graced and jointly launched with Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, President and Medical Director of the National Cancer Society Malaysia. The AXA 110 Cancer Care Project also aims to educate the public on the importance of early care for cancer which is crucial for treatment and recovery.
Mr. Loke Kah Meng, Chief Executive Officer, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad
Madam Shima Marcy, cancer survivor, National Cancer Society Malaysia
Madam Lena Abdullah, cancer survivor, National Cancer Society Malaysia
Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, President and Medical Director, National Cancer Society Malaysia
Madam Salmah Zyllwyn-Stewart, cancer survivor, National Cancer Society Malaysia
Mr. Sudhaharan Nair, General Manager, National Cancer Society Malaysia.

“Cancer is mostly being diagnosed in later stages and this limits the chances of a successful outcome. Much of the existing resources are concentrated on treatment and not enough is being placed into screening and early diagnosis, to ensure cancer can be detected early. Early detection of cancer can greatly improve the odds of successful treatment and survival,” explains Dr. Saunthari.

“AXA AFFIN Life’s sponsorship to the National Cancer Society Malaysia is commendable and timely. We are delighted to be associated with AXA AFFIN Life as it is through such caring organizations that we are able to make a positive impact on healthcare.”

Commenting on AXA AFFIN Life’s action in championing the cause to support and ease the burden of patients diagnosed with cancer, Mr. Loke added: “Our commitment and dedication towards their wellbeing is what drives us to strive further and with this strong collaboration with NCSM, we can give the physical and mental recovery that patients need during the course of fighting cancer.”

Mr. Loke further said: “At AXA AFFIN Life, we are dedicated to provide our customers with comprehensive healthcare solutions that will cover them medically, financially and emotionally. We believe that a strong body starts with a strong mind in order to keep a strong spirit to fight against the illness.”

Cancer Coverage in the Early Stages
Underpinned by their ‘Redefining Standards’ philosophy, AXA AFFIN Life offers two new protection products: AXA 110 Cancer Care and AXA 110 CI Care. The two new products are not only accessible and affordable, but also aim to provide better health protection for people in Malaysia.

With AXA 110 Cancer Care plan, policy holders will have additional funds to seek early treatment for a better chance of recovery when cancer strikes. The policy will give an early pay-out for insurance claims upon cancer diagnosis even in the early stages of cancer. In addition, the plan provides 10 years of premium for 20 years of coverage and available through the online sales portal at

This website modernises conventional sign-up procedures because it is the first and only online portal in Malaysia that people can sign up for a cancer plan. With five easy sign-up steps, the website not only provides  ease of accessibility for those living in a busy and fast-paced lifestyle; but  is also hassle-free and convenient for people to sign up for early protection. Depending on the age group, the monthly premium rate starts at an affordable low at RM45 a month.

The 110 CI Care plan provides comprehensive coverage for up to 110 critical illness events, early and double benefit pay-out for cancer-related illnesses.

Supporting You through Life’s Toughest Moments
AXA AFFIN Life is also furthering its commitment in providing protection and ease of mind to cancer patients by helping the patients of NCSM’s Cancer Treatment Centre. AXA AFFIN Life will be supporting these cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment by funding the chemotherapy day care usage for every 110 Cancer Care and 110 CI Care policy sold under this project.

The contribution from AXA AFFIN Life could potentially help provide day care usage to as many as 10,000 patients. AXA AFFIN Life strengthens their commitment to support and care for cancer patients by providing the physical and emotional recovery, which patients seek while fighting the illness.

“We know that peace of mind is not only limited to physical recovery, but emotional well-being is equally important. Here at AXA AFFIN Life, we are committed to put our responsibilities at the heart of our action in providing the financial and emotional support that can help patients to recover and fight against the illness,” said Loke.

The AXA 110 Cancer Care Project stresses the importance of early care and the benefits of preparing and managing the risks of cancer to ensure financial stability and comfort. To sign up, please visit to help someone fight cancer today.


吉隆坡,2013年11月13日 – 安盛艾芬人寿保险集团(AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad,简称AXA AFFIN Life) 与马来西亚国家癌症协会(National Cancer Society Malaysia,简称NCSM) 携手合作,推介AXA 110 Cancer Care(AXA 110癌症关怀)计划。这项计划重点目标是为了落实安盛艾芬人寿保险集团的承诺,为重症病人(尤其是确诊为癌症患者的病人)提供支援与照顾。配合此次推介仪式,安盛艾芬人寿保险集团也宣布即将推出两项全新保险计划:AXA 110 Cancer Care保险计划和AXA 110 Critical Illness (CI) Care(AXA 110 严重疾病关怀保险)计划。这项推介仪式也标志着马来西亚目前唯一及首创网络癌症保单销售平台www.110cancercare.com的成立,人们可以透过网络签购Cancer Care保险计划。

根据马来西亚国家癌症登记局(National Cancer Registry of Malaysia,简称NCR) 2008年资料显示,在2003-2005年期间,每年有21,773 名大马人被诊断出罹患癌症,更让人担忧的是,每年大约有1万宗未经登记的新增癌症病例。

安盛艾芬人寿保险集团首席执行员陆家明表示:“数据显示,癌症是马来西亚的主要健康问题之一。根据估计,每4位年届75岁的大马人中就有1位将罹患癌症 。我们或许从未想过自己也有可能被诊断出罹患癌症,但是,我们永远无法掌控生命中的无常。”


这项活动获得马来西亚国家癌症协会主席兼医药总监Saunthari Somasundaram医生鼎力支持及联合推介。AXA 110 Cancer Care 计划的宗旨在于教育民众有关癌症/重症早期护理的重要性,早期护理是治疗及康复的重要关键。Saunthari 医生解释: “癌症往往在晚期才被确诊,这将会局限成功治疗的机会。目前,大部分现有的资源都专注在治疗方面,对于癌症筛检、早期诊断,以及确保可早期确诊癌症的关注仍然不足。早期侦测癌症能大大提高治疗成功率和存活率。”Saunthari 医生补充:“安盛艾芬人寿保险集团对马来西亚国家癌症协会的资助来得适逢其时,值得高度赞扬!我们非常高兴能与安盛艾芬人寿保险集团合作,因为,通过此类关怀社群的组织,我们将能够为医疗护理领域带来正面积极的影响。”


他继续道: “在安盛艾芬人寿保险集团,我们致力于为客户提供涵盖医药、财务、甚至精神情绪方面的最完整保障。我们相信,强健的身体源自于坚强意志,这样才能勇敢地对抗疾病。”

秉持“重新定义标准”的精神使命,安盛艾芬人寿保险集团推出两项全新保险计划:AXA 110 Cancer Care 保险计划和AXA 110 Critical Illness (CI) Care 保险计划。这两项新计划不仅具备方便购买、轻松负担的特点,同时更致力于为身处于马来西亚的人们提供更完善周全的健康保障。

当癌症来侵,AXA 110 Cancer Care 保险计划的保单客户,将可获得额外资金及早寻求治疗方案,提高病愈机会。一旦投保人确诊为癌症,即使是在癌症初期,此保单将在保险索赔时提供早期支付。


110 Critical Illness (CI) Care 计划涵盖110种严重疾病,以及为癌症相关疾病提供早期和双重支付的完整保障。

安盛艾芬人寿保险集团也进一步落实其承诺,为马来西亚国家癌症协会癌症治疗中心的病人提供医疗保障、让他们安枕无忧。在此与马来西亚国家癌症协会的合作计划下,每售出一份110 Cancer Care 保险及110 Critical Illness (CI)  Care 保险,安盛艾芬人寿保险集团将资助化学治疗日间护理中心,让更多使用化学治疗日间护理中心的癌症患者受惠,受惠人数可多达1万人。透过为病人提供抗病过程所需要的生理及心理康复支援,安盛艾芬人寿保险公司冀提升承诺水平,为癌症病人提供更多支援和照顾。


AXA 110 Cancer Care 计划注重早期治疗的重要性,并提供癌症风险管理与预防的保障利益。欲签购保单,请浏览,今天就采取行动帮助患者对抗癌症。

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