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Find a Car on & Win RM500

Just say, “I found it on” and take home cold hard cash. 

KUALA LUMPUR, October 16, 2013 –, Malaysia’s largest automotive site with over 120,000 car listings, is giving away RM30,000 to 60 lucky Malaysians as part of its “I found it on” campaign, which begins today.

Participants just need to follow three simple steps to win cold hard cash.

First, search for your desired car on Then visit the respective automotive dealer and say, “I found it on”. Complete the purchase; submit your entry form online and you’ll stand a chance to walk away RM500 richer. It’s as simple as that.

The “I found it on” campaign runs from now until 31st December 2013 and those interested are encouraged to not wait as winners will be announced frequently over the contest period. The online nature of the campaign allows for nationwide access so that all Malaysians have an equal chance of winning the prize monies.

According to iCar Asia Limited (iCar Asia owns and operates the website) CEO, Damon Rielly,  aside as a marketing initiative, the contest is aimed at assisting car buyers with the initial out-of-pocket expenses when driving home a new set of wheels.

“With the rising costs of petrol and other expenditure, the RM500 will certainly be useful. It’s also to say thank you to Malaysians for making us the number one automotive portal in the country.
iCar Asia Limited CEO, Damon Rielly.

“To date, has over 120,000 listings and is visited by over 800,000 car buyers each month (Effective Measure, August 2013). This was achieved in slightly less than a year so we’re grateful for the tremendous support received from all of you,” shared Rielly.

The “I found it on” comes on the back of Carlist’s successful Carlist Treasure Hunt, when a deserving Malaysian family followed the clues to track down and win a car. “Yes, we gave away a car and the Hunt attracted hundreds of entries nationwide. It could happen again in the near future, but for sure we’ll continue to hold more exciting events for people,” shared Rielly.

Rielly also highlighted that’s growing numbers reflect the changing tide sweeping across South East Asia, which is the digital shift among consumers towards online as their preferred marketing information.

“While traditional mediums have their place, online is growing strongly. More Malaysians are looking online for cars -- because they feel it’s an unbiased medium with access to unlimited, independent intelligence. Malaysians are looking online not just to find out about the latest models, but on prices, reviews, buyer experiences and so much more. The recent iCar Asia Digital Shift study proves this fact,” explained Rielly.

The Study, commissioned by iCar Asia shows that online mediums are growing among consumers and have actually accelerated the car buying process to below three months in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. In Malaysia, it’s 2.4 months while Indonesia car buyers take 1.9 months & Thai car buyers 2.8 months.

Perhaps even more telling for the automotive industry is the fact that the Study also indicated that buyers place greater trust and credibility in online research compared to just relying on the brochures and sales pitches of automotive dealers. There is also a preference (frequency) to visit online compared to car dealerships.

只要说出“I found it on”就能把现金带回家

(吉隆坡2013年10月16讯)拥有超过12万则汽车广告的全马最大汽车网站Carlist.my将从今天开始,通过“I found it on”活动送出3万令吉现金给60名幸运的大马人。


首先,在www.carlist.my网站搜索你想要的汽车,接着再前往相关的汽车经销商并说出,“I found it on” 。完成购车手续后上网提交参赛表格,你就有机会赢取500令吉现金,就这么简单。

“I found it on”活动由即日起举行至2013年12月31日,有兴趣参与者受促立刻行动,因主办单位将在活动期间经常公布得奖者名单。这项在网上进行的活动方便全国民众参与,每名马来西亚人都有公平的机会赢取现金奖。

iCar Asia首席执行员达蒙里利(Damon Rielly)(iCar Asia拥有及经营Carlist.my网站)指出 ,这项竞赛活动除了是一种营销方式,也是为了减轻购车者买车时的首期负担。


达蒙还指出:“至今为止,Carlist.my每月有超过12万则汽车广告,吸引超过80万名购车者浏览(Effective Measure,2013年8月)。这是在少于1年时间内就创下的成绩,所以我们很感谢大家的鼎力支持。”

在“I found it on” 活动之前,Carlist’s早前成功举办Carlist寻宝大赛,让一个马来西亚家庭跟随线索成功寻得宝藏,赢得一辆汽车。



达蒙解释说:“虽然传统媒体依然占有一定地位,但是互联网的发展强劲。越来越多马来西亚人上网搜寻汽车,因为他们觉得这是一个能获取许多独立资讯的中立媒介。马来西亚人上网搜寻汽车不只是为了查询最新车款,也想知道价格、评价、购买者的体验等等。最近的iCar Asia Digital Shift调查就证实了这一点。”

这项由iCar Asia所委托的调查显示,网络媒介在消费群中越来越受落,加速了马来西亚、泰国和印尼的购车过程至3个月内。马来西亚购车者平均耗费2.4个月完成购车,印尼和泰国购车者则分别平均花费1.9个月和2.8个月。


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