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Hitachi Sunway Partners Galasys In Venture into Amusement Theme Park Market

Expanding Hitachi Sunway Infrastructure Managed Services business portfolio with a target of securing three key customers in Southeast Asia synergistically

Kuala Lumpur, November 18, 2013 – Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd (“Hitachi Sunway”), a leading IT services and solutions provider in Southeast Asia (SEA), today announces its partnership with Galasys Technologies Sdn Bhd (‘Galasys’), Asia’s leading integrated ticketing solutions provider, offering  one-stop integrated ticketing, admission control and point-of-sale solutions in China and Southeast Asia.

According to Group CEO and Director of Hitachi Sunway, Cheah Kok Hoong, this is a strategic partnership for the company to expand one of its three core business lines - the Infrastructure & Managed Services (IMS) portfolio that focuses on the provisioning of systems integration, virtualization and IT related outsourcing services.

 (Left to Right)
a. Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO and Director of Hitachi Sunway Information Systems.
b. Sean Seah, Galasys’ CEO and Founder.

“Under this agreement, we will bundle and distribute Galasys’ integrated ticketing solutions with  our existing IMS services offering targeting new business opportunities under the amusement and theme park market,” says Cheah.

Established in 2005 in Suzhou China, , Galasys is currently headquartered in Hong Kong as one of the fastest growing Asian companies in the business of providing integrated ticketing, admission control and point-of-sales solutions for amusement parks, including water parks, theme parks, zoos, stadiums, attractions, etc.

Galasys’ CEO and founder, Sean Seah shares, “Galasys is planning to be an initial public offering (IPO) on AIM, London Stock Exchange Board in 1st half of 2014. Thus, we are aggressively expanding our business in Asia to achieve at least 50 percent year-on-year growth in revenue. Therefore, it is only a natural fit for us to work with Hitachi Sunway, which already has established business networks in this region.”

Tapping on the Booming Theme Park Market in Southeast Asia

According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc, the global theme parks market is growing healthily and is expected to reach close to RM100  billion (US$32 billion) by 2017. Cheah shares, “In Southeast Asia, the rapid growth of the middle classes is de-facto and phenomenal to drive huge investments into the amusement and theme park market.”

“We see several major amusement, theme park and leisure platform constructions on-going, including in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia, to capture this new market for family entertainment / leisure raised from the middle classes. Partnering with Galasys will help us to make greater inroads into this booming sector.”

“Capitalizing on Galasys’ track records in the amusement and theme park industry, we are aiming to secure three to four strategic customers to boost Hitachi Sunway’s IMS business line, which is expected to contribute a total of 25% of the Groups’ total annual revenue,” says Cheah.

Today, Galasys has over 20 customers in the amusement and theme park business with over 50 amusment sites in Asia. Some of its reputable clients include the two largest theme parks in China (Guangzhou Chime-Long and OCT Happy Valley), Beijing Forbidden City, Melaka Zoo among many others.

Sean further added, “In 2012 alone, Galasys’ ticketing systems recorded over 80 million tickets printed and this clearly shows the activeness of the amusement and theme park business in the Asia region.”

“Through this partnership, Galasys is able to actively position its ticketing solution to the market while Hitachi Sunway will handle the systems implementation portion. This agreement is definitely synergistic and a win-win business situation for both companies,” ends Sean.

This partnership also allows Hitachi Sunway to sell Galasys’ unique biometric- enabled staff attendance management systems and visitor access management systems.



吉隆坡11月18日讯 - 日本日立集團與大馬雙威科技合資成立的日立雙威資訊系統(“日立雙威”,Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd), 今天宣布與银科环企科技私人有限公司('银科',Galasys Technologies Sdn Bhd),亞洲領先的綜合旅游及主题公园信息化系统供應商合夥在中國和東南亞一带提供一站式的綜合票務,入门控制和銷售點解決方案。

謝國雄,日立雙威資訊系統集團總執行長說此合作夥伴關係将為公司擴大其三個核心業務線之一 的基礎設施與管理服務(Infrastructure & Managed Services , IMS)的业务,. IMS 專注於提供系統集成,虛擬化和科技相關的外包服務。

“根據該協議,我們將能银科的綜合票務解決方案與我們現有的IMS服務组合成一项解决方案提供針對遊樂園和主題公園市場新的商業機會,” 謝先生說。

在中國蘇州成立於2005年,银科目前總部設在香港并且是業務增長最快的亞洲公司之一, 为水上樂園,主題公園, 遊樂園, 動物園,體育場館,旅遊景點等提供綜合票務,入门控制和銷售點解決方案。

银科的总监兼創始人,谢溢高表示,“银科计划在2014年的第一半季在AIM, London Stock Exchange Board 首次公開募股(IPO)。因此,我們正在積極地擴大我們在亞洲的業務,以達到至少比去年同期收入50%YOY增長。”


據全球工業分析公司,全球主題公園市場正在茁壯成長,並有望在2017年達到接近RM100  billion (US$32 billion)。謝先生说“,在東南亞地區,中產階層的快速增長是遊樂園和主題公園市場投资驅動力。”


“憑藉银科在遊樂園和主題公園行業的記錄,我們旨在確保日立双威的IMS業務線能赢取三到四個具规模的客戶,以促進這本集團 IMS的總年度收入, 贡献约25%的總收入。”謝先生說。

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