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Canon Launches Exclusive Retail Store in Penang

To fulfil the needs of its consumers better, Canon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd (Canon), Malaysia’s leading imaging solutions provider has proudly launched its exclusive retail store, Image Square in Penang. Located at the UNESCO heritage building on Jalan Burmah, Image Square is Canon’s first store of its kind in Malaysia’s northern region. The building features a total of 7,355 square feet with the entire ground floor dedicated for all Canon imaging products.  

Present at the launch was guest of honour YB Puan Lim Siew Khim, ADUN Sungai Pinang. Also in attendance were Mr Lim Kim Cheei, PKT, Managing Director of Winsion Photo Trading Sdn Bhd; and Mr Melvyn Ho, President and CEO, Canon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd. Apart from the ribbon cutting ceremony, the event was also highlighted by a lion dance performance and culminated with a tour around Image Square.

Canon Marketing Malaysia launches the first Image Square outlet in Penang.
(From left to right: Mr Melvyn Ho (President and CEO, Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd), Yang Berhormat Puan Lim Siew Khim (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, Sungai Pinang), Mr Lim Kim Cheei (PKT, Managing Director, Winsion Photo Trading Sdn Bhd) and Mr Donny Ling (Director of Imaging Communications Products Division, Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd).

“Image Square serves to give consumers a personal encounter with Canon’s comprehensive range of imaging solutions. It is also our way to further enhance our consumer’s purchasing experience and to provide excellent service. Walking into Image Square, consumers are able to take their pick of Canon’s various products including DSLR, digital cameras, lenses and printers. Well-trained technical staff are also on hand to advise and support our consumers with their queries,” stated Ho at the launch.

The opening of Image Square in the northern island also follows from Canon’s rebranding exercise. Effective October 2013, all Canon Concept Lifestyle Stores have been renamed Image Square.
Mr Melvyn Ho (second from right) sharing a light moment with Donny Ling (left), YB Puan Lim Siew Khim (second from left) and Mr Lim Kim Cheei (right) .

“This rebranding effort is aligned with our regional direction in achieving a cohesive and consistent branding. It enables our consumers and the general public to better identify with the Canon brand; immediately recognising us for our high quality products and premium services. Additionally, it also gives them the assurance that we do continuously strive in delighting them always,” Ho added.

Besides Penang, other Image Square stores are located at strategic hotspots around the Klang Valley including Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Suria KLCC. Opening hours of Image Square is from 10 am – 10 pm daily. Image Square Penang operates from 11 am – 8 pm daily.
Image Square进驻北部

马来西亚首屈一指的影像产品供应商 – 佳能行销(马来西亚)有限公司(简称佳能) 在槟城荣誉推介其独家专属零售中心 –Image Square(前身为佳能生活概念店),以更好地满足客户的需求。位于车水路(Jalan Burmah)世界遗产建筑物内,是佳能在北部区域首创先河的零售中心。这栋建筑的总面积为7,355平方英尺,整个底层都应用于陈列和售卖佳能的全部影像产品。

双溪槟榔区州议员林秀琴是推介礼当天的荣誉嘉宾,其他出席嘉宾则包括:Winsion Photo Trading有限公司执行董事林金兴先生(PKT)、佳能有限公司总裁兼首席执行员何邓赞先生。除了剪彩仪式,推介仪式也邀请舞狮团演出助兴,而参观Image Square则为当天的活动高潮。

何邓赞在推介礼上表示:“Image Square赋予客户贴近佳能影像解决方案的个人化体验,这也是我们为客户提供卓越优质服务的方法之一,让客户拥有更愉悦的选购体验和乐趣。走进Image Square,客户可以根据个别需求选购,其中包括:数码单反相机(简称DSLR)、数码相机、EF镜头和打印机等等。专业培训的技术人员也随时陪伴在侧,为我们的客户解答疑问,提供相关的建议和支持。”

在北部岛屿增设Image Square也是佳能品牌重整规划的一部分。从2013年10月份开始,所有佳能生活概念店 (Canon Concept Store) 已正式易名为Image Square。


除了槟城,其他Image Square则分布在巴生谷一带地区,其中包括:谷中城购物广场、万达购物中心、双威金字塔购物广场和Suria KLCC购物中心。这些Image Square的营业时间为每天10 am – 10 pm;槟城的Image Square营业时间则为每天11 am – 8 pm。

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