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Canon Launches Three New Stylish PIXMA Photo All-in-One Printers

Those looking to heighten their photo printing experience will be delighted with Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Canon)’s latest top-of-the-range PIXMA Photo All-in-One (AIO) printers – the MG7170, MG6470 and MG5570. Sleek and ultra-stylish to behold, these printers are the epitome of user-friendliness, and are equipped with new and improved features that will more than meet the needs of home users as well as smart device users.

Advanced and Creative Feature
The PIXMA MG7170, MG6470 and MG5570 allow  users access to the latest PIXMA Cloud Link, Canon’s proprietary integrated cloud printing facility. Ideal for those who store large volumes of images online, users are able to print the photos they desire directly from various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; photo sharing sites such as Picasa, Photobucket and Flicker; and cloud storage services including Evernote and Dropbox. They do not even need to use the PC as they can conveniently view, select and print by using the printers’ LCD screen.


Innovative Connectivity
When it comes to expanded connectivity features, these PIXMA AIO printers most certainly lead the way. Ideal for the wireless era, all three printer models have in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to print from anywhere in their homes as long as they are within coverage.

Meanwhile, Canon has introduced a new Access Point Mode function that is specifically designed to support ad-hoc wireless printing between wireless digital capture devices and the PIXMA printers. Bypassing the wireless router altogether, users can simply connect their cameras or mobile devices directly to the printer. This innovative solution even allows a visiting friend to make use of the printer without the need for the owner’s home network security passphrase.

On top of that, owners of wireless digital cameras that support DPS or Wireless PictBridge can also send their photos wirelessly to the MG7170 and MG6470 models via the local wireless network. This makes printing easier and more convenient as it eliminates the need for PCs or awkward connecting cables from camera to printer.

A new PIXMA Printing Solutions app is also available for iOS and Android OS users. Through the app, users can access the PIXMA Cloud Link facility, send print jobs to the printers straight from their mobile devices, as well as transfer data back to their devices. Not only will this help users to conserve paper; this feature also allows for greater flexibility and mobility for those who are constantly on-the-go. Users can also easily access the online manual, check their ink status as well as perform routine printer maintenance such as printhead cleaning via the app!

Design Statement
The sleek low-style and compact design of the PIXMA photo printers allows users to place them in small workplaces, thus maximising space in the home. Instead of being purely utilitarian, these printers have also been designed to accentuate the home’s interior. The flagship MG7170 comes in bold colours of black, brown and red, while the stylish MG6470 and MG5570 models are available in timeless black and white colours.

Quality and Fast Printing Technology
Using Canon’s Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology, these printers are equipped with microscopic nozzles that deliver tiny drops of ink, rendering stunning prints. The MG7170 is able to generate prints with a resolution of up to 9600 x 2400dpi with minimum 1pl ink droplets, while the MG6470 and MG5570 can produce outputs of up to 4800 x 1200dpi with minimum 2pl ink droplets.

All three models utilise a Hybrid Ink system which optimise the use of both pigment black and colour dye ink for high quality prints. The quality of output is enhanced further by Canon’s ChromaLife100+ technology that helps preserve the lifespan of photos and documents by protecting them against light, gases and humidity. Photos can last up to 300 years when stored in a photo album.

Excellent quality prints can be generated very quickly as well. The MG7170 can print up to 10 images per minute (ipm) in colour and takes just 21 seconds to produce a 4 x 6” borderless photo. Meanwhile, the MG6470 and MG5570 are able to print a borderless photo of the same size in 44 seconds.

Efficient and User-friendly
With the Auto Power ON function, the printers will be automatically switched on as soon as a print job is sent, and will switch off automatically when it has been left idle for a period of time. Besides that, all three PIXMA models also support double-sided printing and the use of XL-sized cartridges. These features combined greatly help to save power and resources, which will translate into substantial cost savings for users in turn.

Featuring the latest upgrade to Canon’s Intelligent Touch System, all three PIXMA Photo AIO models come equipped with a high-sensitivity touch-operated control panel and LCD display. With this system, only the keys specific to the current operation will be illuminated, making printing and scanning a breeze.

Creative Fun
As with other PIXMA AIO printers, the MG7170, MG6470 and MG5570 also come with My Image Garden Software where users are able to create new content such as collages, calendars and stationeries from old photos. Images that have been stored on the computer can also be organised according to different categories by using the software.

In addition, these printers also give users the privilege to download a variety of artwork, templates and fonts from the Creative Park Premium online solutions to add more fun to the creations. Children will most certainly be excited with the latest classic additions including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Paddington Bear artworks.

The PIXMA MG7170, MG6470 (both available in October) and MG5570 (available in November) will be available at Canon authorised outlets from RM368 onwards.


追求更优质相片打印体验的人士将非常喜爱佳能行销马来西亚有限公司(简称佳能)最新推出的高端PIXMA多功能复合打印机  - MG7170, MG6470 及 MG5570。这几款打印机的外型设计精巧时尚,让用户更方便使用,同时也增设了多项全新及优化功能,满足家庭用户及智慧型装备产品用户的需求。

PIXMA MG7170, MG6470 和 MG5570 让用户可以连接PIXMA云端列印服务 (PIXMA Cloud Link) 功能,这是佳能公司的专利整合型云端打印设备。此功能非常适合在网络储存大量图档的人士,用户可以根据个人需求直接从社交网络平台(例如:面子书和推特)、图片分享网站(例如:Picasa、Photobucket和Flicker)、以及云端储存服务平台(例如:Evernote和Dropbox)打印相片。用户甚至不必使用电脑,因为他们可以从打印机的液晶显示屏幕(LCD)轻松浏览、选择及打印相片。


同时,佳能也新增了独特设计的存取点模式设定(Access Point Mode)功能,以支援在使用无线临时网络(ad-hoc wireless)情况下进行PIXMA设备端与无线网络数码装备之间的无线打印。在完全绕过路由器的情况下,用户可以轻松将无线相机或电子设备产品连接至打印机。这项创新打印方案,允许到访的朋友在不具备用户居家网络安全密码的情况下,也能使用打印机。

另外,支援DPS或无线PictBridge功能的无线网络相机用户,也可以通过无线区域网络将相片以无线方式传输至MG7170 和 MG6470 打印机。在不必使用电脑,也没有多余电缆连接相机与打印机的情况下,打印过程变得更轻松简单。

新增的PIXMA 打印方案应用程式也适用于iOS和安卓OS用户。透过这个应用程式,用户可以使用PIXMA云端列印服务,从流动电子产品中直接传送打印指示至打印机,也可以将数据回传至设备。此应用程式不仅仅帮助用户节省纸张,也为经常到处奔波忙碌的用户提供更灵活处理的打印方案及流动优势。另外,用户也可运用这项应用程序,轻松连接至网络操作手册,检查墨水情况,甚至执行打印机的定期维护,例如:透过应用程序清理打印头!

PIXMA相片打印机外观简洁时尚、设计精巧方便,用户可以将它们放置在狭小的工作空间,让居家空间更宽敞。除了实用性,这些打印机的精美外观也充分考量与居家空间设计的相容性。主打产品MG7170 有三种抢眼的黑色、褐色、和红色选项,时尚轻巧的MG6470 和 MG5570 则备有永恒耐看的黑色和白色选项。

采用佳能专利技术 – 全程光刻喷墨喷头技术( Full-photolithograpy Inkjet Nozzle Engineering,简称FINE)  ,这些打印机均配备超微小墨滴的显微喷头,打印出精美逼真的相片效果。透过可输出1pl超微小墨滴的显微喷头,MG7170可打印出9600 x 2400 dpi分辨率的高清效果相片;MG6470和MG5570则可输出2pl超微小墨滴并打印出4800 x 1200 dpi 分辨率效果。

三款PIXMA打印机均配备复合式墨水系统,最大程度优化黑色及彩色染料墨水的颜色用量,呈现出更高素质的打印效果。另外,ChromaLife 100+ 系统可进一步提升相片品质,帮助延长相片的保存期,有效防护相片免受外来因素破坏,例如:灯光、气体和高湿度等等。相簿中的相片可保存长达300年!

迅速打印出完美优质相片!MG7170 每分钟可打印出10张彩色相片(ipm),打印4"x 6"无边框相片也仅需21秒。MG6470和MG5570打印同样大小的无边框相片只需44秒。

备有自动开机功能(Auto Power On),打印指示传送后即自动开机,打印机暂停使用一段时间后会自动关机。另外,三款PIXMA打印机均支援双面打印功能和XL型号墨匣装置。这些功能相互结合能有效节省电力和能源,进而帮助用户节省更多金钱。


如同其它的PIXMA 多功能复合打印机,MG7170, MG6470 and MG5570也配备了 My Image Garden 软件,让用户可以为旧相片创建全新相片意境,例如:日历、卡片和/或拼贴画等打印方案。用户储存在电脑中的图片也可运用软件根据分类管理相片。

另外,这三款打印机为用户提供更多优势,让他们可以通过Creative Park Premium趣印乐园网络程式下载多种插图、模板和字体,尽情探索及享受创意打印的乐趣。最新增设的经典系列(包括饥饿的毛毛虫和派丁顿小熊) 绝对会为儿童带来无限惊喜。

PIXMA MG7170 、MG6470 (10月份开始出售) 和MG5570 (11月份开始出售) 将在指定的佳能授权经销中心出售,售价从RM368起。

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