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Dimension Data to Support Leading Education Group in IT Infrastructure and Campus Network Transformation

Kuala Lumpur, 14 November 2013 – INTI International University & Colleges (INTI) officially announces its partnership with Dimension Data, a global leader in providing information technology services to enhance INTI’s IT infrastructure and campus network environment in a 3-year contract. This partnership serves to improve the existing system while having a broader goal of optimizing INTI’s learning facilities by ensuring greater network connectivity across the university’s multi-campus environment.

With the unveiling of INTI International College Kuala Lumpur, its brand new campus in the heart of the golden triangle, INTI sought an experienced global partner to help enhance IT resources for innovation-driven, global-oriented and highly individualised education that empowers students and ensures successful graduate outcomes. After thorough evaluation, INTI selected Dimension Data as a strategic partner to achieve this goal.

Dennis Wong, IT Director, INTI International University and Colleges
Chong Hoi Ming, Managing Director, Dimension Data Malaysia and Vietnam
Roberto Antonides, Chief Financial Officer, INTI International University & Colleges
Jeffrey Goh, Chief Executive, INTI International College Kuala Lumpur
Yong Keh Soon, Head of Solutions Consultant, Dimension Data Malaysia

Students of Today Demand Always-On Connectivity
As the world moves towards a highly connected environment, global universities are increasingly investing in more sophisticated ways to make e-learning more efficient.

“We want our students to benefit from our blended-learning approach where traditional face-to-face classroom teaching is supported by innovative online tools and activities such as international case studies with students in other countries. By having a solid IT foundation, we can enhance the depth and variety of online teaching and assessment methods to ensure the best education experience at INTI,” said Roberto Antonides, Chief Financial Officer, INTI International University & Colleges.

Antonides also added, “INTI has a long-standing partnership with Dimension Data, largely due to their experience in providing ICT solutions and expertise that complements our IT objectives and business aspirations. As partners, we’d like to help each other to achieve the best outcomes within our own industries.”

Revolutionising Inter-Campus Communications
By enhancing the LAN network and re-designing INTI’s Data Centre layout to meet industry standards, Dimension Data was able to alleviate INTI’s current network congestion while reducing idle time. As a result, students and staff were able to benefit from faster broadband speed translating into improved learning experience with greater international access. On top of that, Dimension Data redesigned the entire network architecture to improve online learning experience for students. INTI’s new LAN network will be fully monitored, managed and maintained by Dimension Data to ensure high network uptime and availability.

In addition, INTI has selected Polycom RealPresence Room Solutions to facilitate inter-campus meetings as well as meetings with partner and other Laureate universities. This enables secure, high definition meetings to take place via video, minimising travel time, costs and also the carbon footprint. Over the next 3 years INTI envisions implementing rich, interactive video solutions that improve all facets of education – from student administration to course development, as well as from curriculum delivery to content management.

Chong Hoi Ming, Managing Director of Dimension Data Malaysia and Vietnam said, “Education institutions need to adapt to new teaching methodologies and technologies, while courses and subjects are constantly updated to meet the evolving global market trends. INTI’s move in transforming its multi-campus LAN and Wireless Network is commendable as they pave the way for the delivery of a more responsive, agile service experience to support teaching, research and administration activities.”

“With this partnership, Dimension Data is able to demonstrate our capability of delivering world-class network integration services that will improve the education offerings of INTI. INTI is now able to enhance the teaching and learning experience for students, staff, and research partners across the region,” Hoi Ming continued.

Investing in the Future of Education and Global Sharing
Moving forward, INTI has set its sights on developing a virtualised hardware platform for future interactive services for its users. By deploying Dimension Data’s Managed Cloud Platform™ (MCP) to host INTI’s corporate website, INTI students and administrators will benefit from its cost-effective service and enhanced easy-to-use interface. MCP is a customisable and secure managed private cloud solution that maintains data sovereignty and administrative control.

“Dimension Data’s Managed Cloud Platform™ is an enterprise grade solution that provides reliable and scalable, on-demand compute resourced for INTI. The platform allows us to scale our resources as and when needed, for example during the new intakes that are scheduled several times a year,” said Antonides.

Due to the increasing number of students and programmes at INTI each semester, IT resource requirements will also continue to increase exponentially. Dimension Data will continue to monitor these requirements in order to effectively suggest the ideal IT solution that will enable INTI to expand its operations.

“We will continue to support INTI in their new application roll-out such as online learning systems (voice and video capability) and ensure INTI’s network will not be compromised as we work together to meet the mobility demands from the students. Through these upgrades, INTI now has access to high speed online connections among campuses for information sharing as well as a centralized administration for all network usage. This transformation not only helps students in obtaining quality credentials but also prepare graduates for the working environment of tomorrow,” added Hoi Ming.


岱凯公司(Dimension Data)全力支持领先市场的英迪教育集团提升资讯科技设施及更换校园网络设备

吉隆坡,2013年11月14日 – 英迪国家大学及学院(简称英迪)正式公布与岱凯公司的合作计划,这家提供资讯科技服务的全球领导公司将在3年合约期内提升英迪的资讯科技设施和校园网络环境。此合作计划透过确保架构大学不同院校之间更卓越的网络连接环境,改善现有的院校系统,同时达成加强英迪学习资源的更远大目标。

随着位于金三角心脏地带的全新院校 – 英迪国际学院(吉隆坡分院)正式开幕,吉隆坡英迪学院寻求经验丰富的全球合作伙伴以协助提升院校资讯科技资源,目的在于打造更具创新力、展望全球及高度个人化的教育课程,赋予学生更优秀的能力,确保他们毕业后拥有更辉煌灿烂的未来。经过严谨评估后,英迪选择了岱凯公司作为策略伙伴,共同达致上述目标。


英迪国际大学&学院首席财务长罗伯多.安东尼(Roberto Antonides)表示:“我们希望学生能从我们的综合教育方案获益,我们采用创新网络工具和活动作为传统课室教学的辅助,例如:与其它国家学生的案例研习。透过拥有稳健的资讯科技架构基础,我们将可以提升水平,让网络教学和评估模式更深入、更多元化,确保学生在英迪拥有最卓越的教育体验。”



同时,英迪集团也选择了Polycom RealPresence视频会议解决方案(Polycom RealPresence Room Solutions) 与本地和合作关系大学进行内部会议,以及与其他Laureate国际大学联盟成员进行会议。这个解决方案确保使用者能透过视频进行安全保密、效果高清的面对面会议。另外,这个容易操作的视频会议解决方案也让职员能在院校范围工作,而且可以轻松移动并远距离沟通,帮助提升生产率,以及减少交通时间和花费。未来3年,英迪将致力于执行更频繁、互动性更佳的视频解决方案,全方位改善教育素质,无论是学生事务管理或课程研发,甚至是课程教授和内容管理,都将全面提升。

岱凯马来西亚及越南分公司执行董事Chong Hoi Ming表示:“教育机构必须与时并进适应新的教学方法和科技,课程和科目必须不断更新以应付瞬息万变的全球化市场趋势。英迪教育集团选择改革各院校的区域网络和无线网络架构的决定非常值得赞扬,因为他们懂得掌握趋势,提供适应性更强、更灵活的服务,以更完善地支持教学、研究和行政管理事务。”


未来,英迪集已经设定目标为使用者架构虚拟化硬体平台,为未来的互动性服务做好准备。通过配置岱凯公司云端管理平台解决方案(Dimension Data’s Managed Cloud Platform™ ,简称MCP) 以管理英迪集团企业网站,英迪学生和行政人员将享有更符合经济效益的服务,同时也提高网络界面的方便性。 MCP 是一项用于维持数据主权和行政掌控的客制化、安全管理私人云端解决方案。



Hoi Ming补充说明:“我们将持续为英迪推出的新程序提供支援服务,例如:网络学习系统(音频和视频资源),努力满足学生的需求之余,也确保英迪的网络环境不会受到影响。现在,透过这些升级方案,英迪已经在各院校之间成功架构高速网络连接,提高资源共享功能,也能通过中央行政管理所有网络使用。这次改革不仅帮助学生获得更优质的认证标准,也提前为他们做好准备,应付未来的工作环境。”

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