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Control and EN’HANCE the Efficiency of Modern Living at Your Finger Tips

Kuala Lumpur, 10 December 2013: Whilst we are simply spoilt for choice in today’s high-tech world when it comes to choosing sophisticated home gadgets for that comfort and convenience of modern living, managing household activities can still be a tricky affair, considering the fast-paced life most of us lead. But what if technology not only allowed you to have the comforts of modern living but manage it efficiently with no complications - all at once, near or far? Enhance, a lifestyle automation system, can give you just that!

With advancements in technology, many are finding ways to gain better control of their quality of life. When it comes to home living, common issues like convenience, personal safety, comfort and lower cost of living are all too relevant. Homes with intelligence control solutions otherwise known as smart homes use home automation system to integrate home appliances for an efficient home environment which results in more convenience, energy efficiency, environment friendly and safety benefits for its users.

Newly launched EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation is a fully integrated system with complete smart home solutions developed by Starfield Enhance (M) Sdn Bhd. Utilizing the Zigbee technology that integrate and automate virtually all electrical home appliance, the system provides a remote interface of control and monitoring from a single point of contact using an in-house touch panel, intelligent dual touch screen remote control, smart phone, tablet or computer. As long as you have access to the internet, you can still monitor and enjoy control over your home - even when you are away.

Made possible by Zigbee technology, EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation not only controls and automates lighting and appliances around the home, but also provides you with vital ON/OFF status feedback. The Zigbee technology in EN’HANCE offers constant reliability by providing an interactive platform for the status of devices around your home and alerting you if there are any problems associated with them.
According to Robert Wong, Managing Director of Starfield Enhance (M) Sdn Bhd, “EN’HANCE is ideal for home owners who do not wish to renovate or refurbish their existing homes as the system does not require any rewiring and hacking for installation and takes only a few hours to complete”. The system is designed to be open-ended and customizable in which upgrades can be introduced periodically to increase the functionality of the system and ability to address ever-changing market demands and needs. For example to increase the much needed security today, home owners can also opt for add-ons including a DLNA media server, a ZigBee passive infrared motion sensor and an RFID (radio frequency identification) door access reader via flash card, pin code and fingerprint scanning. The system can also be configured to link with existing automatic gates and alarm systems around the home, depending on compatibility.

“As a product that is developed not just to improve but enhance modern living under an environmentally-friendly scheme, the new EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation is also designed to monitor and assist in saving energy usage for home owners through a Enhance ZigBee power metre. The me-tre provides information about their electricity consumption to promote a greener lifestyle to Malaysians homeowners that would encourage responsible energy consumption on a daily basis”, adds Mr. Wong.

As a proud and satisfied user of EN’HANCE, Amber Chia, celebrity model and entrepreneur, uses the system to simplify her hectic life. “Having Enhance provides me with the convenience I need especially when I am on the go as I know I can have control and access to manage my household appliances at any time and wherever I am. It’s a great way to simplify my domestic life”.
EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation is one of the few systems in the market today which allows for a complete and affordable automation of household needs with the following benefits:

Command full control over all lighting and appliances’ around the home.
Monitor and manage your home remotely using any smart device.
Achieve unparalleled security with an integrated network of CCTVs, alarms, sensors, and monitors.
Go green by optimizing energy use.
Enjoy the convenience of a connected community by linking with others and local services in your neighbourhood.
A complete Zigbee wireless system that enables status feedback for any device operated – anytime, anywhere!

Enhance Lifestyle Automation system is compatible with all smartphones that use either Android or Windows operating systems. To find out more information on EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation log on to or contact the enquiry hotline at 603 6263 8448 / 6263 7557




全新推出的EN'HANCE自动化生活方式是一个全面的整合系统,这个备有完整的智能化家居控制系统是由Starfield Enhance(大马)私人有限公司所开发,并利用ZigBee技术整合近乎所有的家电产品,这个系统提供一个远程接口,并运用一个内部触屏、智能双触屏遥控、智能手机、平板电脑或电脑,进行单一接触点的监控。只要您能上网,即使出外也可监控家居。


Starfield Enhance(大马)私人有限公司董事经理Robert Wong指出,对一些不想装修或翻新家居的人而言,EN'HANCE是最理想的选择。因为这个系统无需拉线或凿墙安装,甚至花上几个小时才能完成。他说,这是一个开放式、可制定的系统,可定期提升并增加功能,以应付不断变化的市场需求。譬如,系统今日增加急需的安全功能,用户还可以选择附加功能,包括DLNA媒体伺服器,即ZigBee的被动红外线感测器,还有透过闪存卡的无线射频识别(RFID)门禁阅读器、PIN码及指纹扫描。这项系统还可以配置家中的自动门、防盗系统,一切取决于相容性。

Robert Wong还说:“作为一个设计成不止为提升现代生活的环保产品,全新的EN'HANCE自动化生活方式的设计,也透过ZigBee功率计监督和协助用户节省能源。这个电表提供用电量的记录,从而为大马用户促进更环保的生活方式,鼓励人们每天善用电源。”

名模兼企业家Amber Chia也对这项产品感到满意,并应用这项系统简化她忙碌的生活。“EN'HANCE给我所需的方便,特别是当我出门后,我知道不管身在何处,都能无时无刻控制家中的家电产品。”



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