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The new standard in environmental printing enabling flexibility and efficiency for businesses to work smarter

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 December 2013 – Set to take the forefront in environmental and intelligent printing, Fuji Xerox Malaysia has introduced 14 models of full-color digital multifunction devices for office use – ApeosPort-V C and DocuCentre-V C series – and this was officiated by Y.B Dato’ Seri DiRaja Mahdzir Khalid, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water today. These new models will transform the office workspace environment to work smarter and faster whilst providing the best in class performance and ecological sustainability.

Combining “Real Green” Solutions and innovative ground breaking technology, the ApeosPort-V C and DocuCentre-V C series are equipped with “Smart Energy Management” to control and power only the functions selected by the users thus reducing power consumption and CO2 output for a greener future. Fuji Xerox has also addressed the problem of noise in the business environment by cutting down sound emission by 61% as compared to its predecessor. To further minimize noise, Fuji Xerox has designed the printers with fewer moving parts for lower noise output during operation, and at the same time the scanning and output devices are quiet whilst not in operation allowing businesses to place these devices seamlessly into their office space for a more pleasant environment.

Able to recognize users and  present customized functions to suit their needs, allowing them to work more efficiently and smarter, the devices also feature “Smart WelcomEyes Advance”, an intelligent image recognition software that uses a real-time proximity camera and pyroelectric heat sensor to detect when a user is approaching the device. When detected it wakes up from sleep mode so that it is ready instant use. Users will then also be greeted with their own personalized user interface and preferred settings for quick one touch operations providing users with a zero wait experience for faster and more efficient use of working time.
The new devices are a ‘Smart Work Enabler’ for any office allowing higher productivity while allowing users to work smarter in any environment thus improving business performance and uptime, these are crucial to the success of a business. Capable of producing up to 70ppm, it is one of the fastest in its class, users can copy or print faster minimizing time spent on this task thus maximizing output. Scan speed up to 160 impressions per minute and with the addition of ‘ScanAuto’ feature, the printer will automatically correct the orientation of the pages and remove white pages, saving users the trouble and time preparing the document and checking the scanned output. Fuji Xerox has also improved the faxing capabilities of these devices with the ‘Auto Distribution’ feature so users can send the faxes to be automatically distributed to folders, email, forwarded to another fax or printed out.
“At Fuji Xerox, we are committed at developing printing solutions that are not only ecological but intelligent as well to help businesses maximize productivity and efficiency. We have designed the new ApeosPort-V and DocuCentre-V series to know what you want as a user and to provide the specific tools needed to work effectively and contribute to a greener environment while maximizing productivity and cost efficiency,” said Sunil Gupta, President of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific (Malaysia Operations).

Highlights of the ApeosPort-V C and DocuCentre-V C series
Serverless On-Demand Print
Users can print their documents from another multifunction device when the device which print instruction was initially sent to is in use. This reduces time to wait for document output and prevents unnecessary output, thereby contributing to the reduction of clients' total cost of ownership.

Scan Translation Service
Connect to the global Fuji Xerox Cloud-based translation services as you scan your documents to create a translated version that preserves the exact same layout as the source

Mobile Print
Connect to your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or Android) to print via a wireless LAN access point

Working Folder
Enables users to send, receive and share documents at offices or in mobile environments, allowing an access to designated information anytime, anywhere.



吉隆坡2013年12月3日讯 – 在环保及智能打印上占据领先地位的大马Fuji Xerox今日推介14款全彩数码多功能一体机 – ApeosPort-V C和 DocuCentre-V C系列,并由我国能源、绿色工艺及水务部副部长拿督斯里马哈基尔卡力应邀见证并主持推介仪式。此全新款式的多功能一体机将能打造更精明及高效率的办公环境,同时也是同级产品中效能最佳且备有生态永续性特点的多功能一体机。

结合 “真正绿色Real Green” 方案和突破性创新科技,ApeosPort-V C和DocuCentre-V C系列配有“智能能源管理Smart Energy Management”,可控制并启动用户所需之特定功能,进而减少能源消耗和二氧化碳排放,打造更绿色的未来。Fuji Xerox也成功克服打印机在办公环境中制造的噪音问题,和前代产品相比,ApeosPort-V C和DocuCentre-V C系列降低61%的噪音。为了更进一步降低噪音,Fuji Xerox也在打印机设计上减少可移动零件的数量以降低打印机在运作时所产生的噪音,与此同时,扫描和输出设备在没有运作时保持安静,方便企业把这些设备完美地妥当安置在办公场所,营造一个更安静舒适的工作环境。

ApeosPort-V C和DocuCentre-V C系列可辩识用户并提供个人化功能以迎合不同用户的需求,让用户工作得更有效率、更精明。此系列也具备“先进智能眼Smart WelcomEyes Advance”功能,这是一项智能影像辩识软体,它利用一个近乎实时的相机和热释电感传器来侦测走近打印机的用户。当侦测到用户接近打印机,打印机迅速从休眠模式中恢复成待机状态,随时可以使用。用户也可拥有个人化使用界面和偏好设定,仅需一个按键即可快速操作,为用户带来零等待体验,以及更快速且具效益的办公时间。

这一系列全新设备是适用于任何办公空间的 ‘智能工作者Smart Work Enabler’ ,帮助用户在任何环境之下都能精明办公,提升业务表现和节省时间,高效办公是企业成败的关键。此新系列的打印速度最高可至每分钟70页,是同等级产品中打印速度最快的产品之一,用户可用最少的时间来打印和影印最多的文件。其扫描速度可达每分钟160个影像,再加上“自动扫描”功能的辅助,打印机可自动纠正文件的方向和移除空白页,省却用户准备文件和检查打印成果的时间和麻烦。Fuji Xerox也推出“自动分发”功能来提高传真性能,欲传真的文件可自动分发至文件夹、电邮,转发至另一个传真号码或打印出来。

Fuji Xerox 亚太私人限公司 (大马分公司)总裁Sunil Gupta 说道:“在Fuji Xerox,我们致力于开发兼顾环保及备有智能功能的打印方案以帮助企业最大限度的提高生产力和效率。全新款式ApeosPort-V C和DocuCentre-V C系列正是我们针对用户所需而设计的打印方案,在最大限度提高生产力和成本效益的同时,也提供可提高工作效率的特定工具及为绿色环境做出贡献。”

ApeosPort-V C和DocuCentre-V C 系列的主要特色

Serverless On-Demand Print (无伺服器式随取打印)
当下达打印指令的打印机正在使用中时,用户可利用其他处于待机状态中的多功能打印机进行打印。此特色可节省打印文件的等候时间和避免不必要的打印成品,帮助用户降低总体拥有成本(Total Cost of Ownership)。

Scan Translation Service (扫描翻译)
连接至Fuji Xerox全球云端翻译服务,只需扫描文件便可取得翻译版本并按原排版方式呈献。

Mobile Print (移动打印)
可连接您的移动装置 (iPhone, iPad或 Android) 并透过无线存取点(wireless LAN access point)进行打印。

Working Folder (工作文件夹)

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