Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spurring the Growth of MSC Malaysia Status Companies through Cybercities & Cybercentres:

MSC Malaysia Cybercities & Cybercentres Value Adding Programme Highlights World-Class Infrastructure & Greater Funding Opportunities for Local ICT Companies

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 December 2013- In an effort to raise awareness on the growth of Cybercities and Cybercentres in Malaysia and the funding opportunities available to homegrown IT companies, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) held the MSC Malaysia Cybercities & Cybercentres Value Adding Programme today.

The event featured briefings from various fund managers, financial institutions and agencies such as Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), Malaysia Debt Ventures (MDV), CRADLE and EXIM Bank on funding opportunities available for homegrown ICT companies and technopreneurs. Additionally, representatives from MDeC’s Mobile App Grant / MSC Malaysia Integrated Content Development (ICON) programme and Innovation Capital divisions were also on hand to share some of the current grants and training and development opportunities provided by MDeC to local app developers and innovators.

An opening speech by Mr Wan Murdani Mohamad, the Director of Digital Enablement Division of MDeC.

Beyond funding, the event also presented a showcase on MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres, highlighting the expansion of these centres to more locations in Malaysia as well as the infrastructure growth in these locations. The showcase aims to increase the awareness of the multitude of Cybercities and Cybercentres that are available to ICT companies, and also to provide a platform for interaction among MSC Malaysia Cybercities/Cybercentres Managers with MSC Malaysia status companies.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Wan Murdani Mohamad, Director of Digital Enablement Division of MDeC said, “MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres was founded on the principle of providing world-class physical and informational infrastructure while ensuring that MSC Malaysia status companies have the necessary support and access to programmes such as funding for technology companies. Beyond housing MSC Malaysia status companies, our Cybercities and Cybercentres play an important role in providing a conducive business environment and ecosystem that attracts ICT investors and nurturing local ICT companies to become global players.”
The briefing session conducted during the event.

MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres are also the designated premises in which the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees is offered to MSC Malaysia status companies. It is important to highlight that Cybercities and Cybercentres are not about property play, and similarly, they are not just a collection of office buildings with high-end infrastructure. Cybercities and Cybercentres go beyond that.

It serves as a place to catalyse and support the growth of ICT and ICT-enabled industries, and it extends the benefits of ICT to the local community. In addition to that, it is also the platform to cultivate a performance culture in service delivery.

To date, there are 31 MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres nationwide. Starting with the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia in Cyberjaya in 1996, MDeC has expanded the MSC Malaysia Cybercity status to 5 other locations around Malaysia. These include, KLCC, Technology Park Malaysia, KL Tower, Penang Cybercity 1 (PCC1) in Penang and Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah.
One of the exhibitors during the showcase of Cybercities and Cybercentres.

Subsequently, MDeC had recognised 25 MSC Malaysia Cybercentres around Klang Valley, Melaka, Penang, Johor, Pahang and Perak. These include UPM-MTDC, KL Sentral, i-City, TM Cybercentre Complex, Midvalley City, Bandar Utama, Bangsar South City, GTower, Quill 9, The Intermark, Wisma Hamzah Kong Hing, Jaya33, Puchong Financial and Corporate Centre, Menara Worldwide, Menara Binjai, Persoft Tower, Menara OBYU, Menara Maybank, Melaka International Trade Centre, Putra Square in Pahang, Menara MSC Cyberport in Johor, Meru Raya in Perak, Spansion and One Precinct in Penang.

As of 31 December 2012, there are over 1,300 MSC Malaysia status companies that are operating within these MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres.

Local and international ICT companies that have been granted the MSC Malaysia status operating in MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres will enjoy better infostructure and infrastructure readiness, which include power redundancies, multiple network facilities and service providers environment, full coverage for all cellular operators, wide array of voice, data and internet service availability, as well as well as a One-Stop-Centre to provide dedicated customer service to MSC Malaysia status companies.

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