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Wacom announces its business strategy and showcases its latest series of consumer and professional products

Wacom revealed the focus for its business going forward and showed a glimpse of new products to be launched shortly.

Kuala Lumpur, 14 November 2013 – Now anyone can translate their creativity into visual imagery in an intuitive and fun way. Wacom announced its intent to expand its consumer range, and showcased a series of the latest products from its consumer and professional ranges today. In a launch event at the Publika Shopping Mall today, Wacom introduced products from top-of-the-line professional creative tablet Cintiq Companion, the Intuos range, to a wide range of Bamboo consumer styluses and tablets.

Key products unveiled at the launch include:

- Cintiq: Make the world your studio with the new mobile Cintiq Companion. Professional creative power meets unlimited mobility as the mobile device combines the natural experience of creating directly on-screen with Wacom’s professional pen and multi-touch gestures with the creative freedom of a tablet. The Cintiq Companion is both a Windows 8 tablet and a truly mobile Cintiq, while the Cintiq Companion Hybrid combines the creative power of full-featured 13” Cintiq Creative Display with an Android™ tablet.

- Intuos: The innovative Wacom Intuos Creative pen Tablets combine a pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch1 capabilities into one smart device for a more expressive and intuitive way of working with your computer. The Intuos Manga is perfect for limited desktop areas and easy to transport, with Manga illustration and animation tools. The Intuos Creative Stylus is the ideal creative pen for iPad users, with its unique pressure sensitive pen tip with 2048 pressure levels to offer the artistic control of real brushes, markers and pens on paper.

1 Multi-touch available for all Intuos Creative Pen Tablets except the Intuos Pen Small

Bamboo: Socially connected consumers who are keen to differentiate themselves from others by expressing their lifestyles and attitude can take their pick among the Bamboo Stylus alpha, 2nd Generations of Bamboo Stylus solo and Bamboo Stylus duo to write, draw and navigate on their tablets and smartphones. The Bamboo Pad, a touchpad with a digital stylus, is a dual-input device that makes it easy to annotate, mark and input with a stylus, just like using a pen on paper. The Bamboo Pad is available in both wired and wireless versions.

“Southeast-Asia is an important market for Wacom, and we are hugely excited about the professional and consumer range of products we are showcasing today. Wacom has traditionally been very known for our professional range of products, and we are moving strongly towards the consumer range with the Bamboo Pad and the enhanced range of consumer styli”, said Wacom’s Senior Regional Marketing Manager South East Asia & South Asia, Ms. Cecilia Woon.

The Cintiq Companion and the Cintiq Companion Hybrid will be available exclusively on the Wacom Southeast Asia e-store in early November. Customers can start pre-orders now at

The rest of the products will be progressively available in Singapore.

Wacom 公布业务策略及推介其最新系列的消费者和专业人士产品

Wacom 披露未来将专注于业务,并让消费者惊鸿一瞥其即将推介的新产品

吉隆坡 11 月 14 日讯 – 现在人人都能通过直观和趣味方式转化他们的创意为视觉图像。Wacom 宣布决心扩大其消费者群,并于今天推介其瞄准消费者和专业人士的一系列最新产品。在今天于 Publika 举行的一项推介仪式上,Wacom 所推介的产品包括顶级的专业人士创意平板 Cintiq Companion,Intuos 系列,乃至系列广泛的 Bamboo 消费者手写笔和平板。 在推介仪式上发布的重点产品包括:

 - Cintiq: 整个世界就是你的工作室,随时随地与 Cintiq Companion 一同创作。专业创作实力与无限行动自由可以兼得,该行动终端结合了 Wacom 之专业手写笔与多点触控手势和平板的创作自由,以呈献在屏幕直接创作的自然体验。Cintiq Companion 既是 Windows 8 平板电脑,也是真正的行动 Cintiq,Cintiq Companion Hybrid 则结合了功能全面之 13 寸 Cintiq Creative Display 与 Android™ 平板电脑的创作实力。

- Intuos: 革新的 Wacom Intuos Creative 手写笔平板结合感压触控笔和多点触控1 功能于单一智能终端,让您通过电脑更传神和直觉地工作。Intuos Manga 最适宜有限的桌面空间和容易搬动,并附 Manga 插画和动画工具。Intuos Creative Stylus 则是 iPad 用户的理想创意笔,它独特的感压笔尖达到 2048 阶感压等级,以呈献真实的素描,绘图和纸上绘画般的美术控制。

1 所有 Intuos 创意笔皆备有多点触控,仅 Intuos Pen Small 除外。

- Bamboo: 通过社交网络联系的消费者渴望通过表达他们的生活方式和态度来达到标新立异的目的,现在他们可任选 Bamboo Stylus alpha, Bamboo Stylus solo 之第二代和 Bamboo Stylus duo 以致他们的平板电脑和智能手机上书写,绘画和导航。Bamboo Pad 乃是备有数位手写笔的触控板,它是一种双输入终端,因此容易凭一支手写笔做笔记,标记和输入,就如使用纸和笔。Bamboo Pad 备有无线和有线版。

Cintiq Companion 和 Cintiq Companion Hybrid 将从 11 月初起仅在 Wacom 的东南亚 e-store 出售。顾客们现可开始通过 预定。 其余的产品则将陆续在新加坡推出。

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