Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exclusive Avnet-Iverson Pact for IBM Training for Malaysian Market

As one of Big Blue’s four Global Training Providers, Avnet readies to up-skill local IT workforce with IBM technology expertise 

PETALING JAYA, 15 January 2014 – Avnet Technology Solutions a leader in global IT solutions distribution and an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), today announces its exclusive partnership with Iverson Associate Sdn Bhd to offer software and systems training and certification programs across IBM’s hardware, software and services portfolio.

In July 2013, Avnet was selected as one of four IBM Global Training Providers to deliver training to IBM business partners, employees and clients.

  (Left to Right)
1.           Dr Yap Chee Sing, Managing Director of Iverson Associate Sdn Bhd
2.           Mr Chiew Yue Lam, General Manager of Avnet Technology Solutions, Malaysia

According to Chiew Yue Lam, general manager of Avnet Technology Solutions, Malaysia, the collaboration with Iverson allows Avnet to provide a more comprehensive delivery model for the IBM training program via Iverson’s established resources as a leading IT training center.

“ICT (information communications technology) is an area that requires extensive and continuous upgrading of knowledge because technology evolves so fast. Not only does the local market need more ICT talent, but their skillsets also need to be updated regularly to cater to the systems and solutions built to manage big data,” says Chiew.

As big data, cloud computing and the mobile workforce gain traction, adding talent to support them will be a challenge for many organizations as they balance the need for new skills with those necessary to maintain existing IT operations.

“Together with Iverson, Avnet is able to provide more strategic IBM IT training programs that optimize one’s existing IT workforce by upgrading their technical skills and knowledge in areas such as advanced solutions for mobile, cloud, analytics and social business,” he adds.

Fulfill Market Demands for IBM Skillsets; Advocate Malaysian Development

To achieve the goal of becoming an 'inclusive and sustainable' high-income nation by 2020, Malaysia ICT professionals, particularly in the fields of software integration, business intelligence analysis and IBM’s WebSphere application development, are heavily sought after to drive business innovation, adds Chiew. . Professional certifications allow companies to more effectively bridge talent supply and demand gaps.

Chiew adds, “IBM has one of the largest customer bases in Malaysia. Therefore, the IBM professional certification will provide better recognition to the existing local IT workforce with specific expertise that is in demand across the local sectors. More importantly, it will help drive education to enable our partners and resellers to better address end customers’ business challenges with IBM solutions.”

Avnet Malaysia’s newly upgraded Avnet Solutions Center is equipped with the capabilities to facilitate the IBM training and certification program with Iverson.

Iverson’s Managing Director Dr. Yap Chee Sing shares, “The value of technology is realized through its implementation, and this requires resources that have been effectively trained with the necessary skills to make the best possible use of information technology solutions. As a dedicated IT training center, Iverson can provide the talent in the most efficient manner. Working with Avnet is definitely a synergic collaboration.”

The complete portfolio of more than 2,500 IBM training courses will be conducted in the formats of public and private classroom training and instructor-led online courses started 1st January 2014.  For more details on Avnet’s IBM training programs, please visit

安富利 - 艾弗森签專屬條約為IBM培訓馬來西亞市場科技人才


八打靈再也2014年1月15日讯 - 安富利科技解決方案公司 (Avnet Technology Solutions),国际科技解決方案分銷供应商,今天宣布與艾弗森準私人有限公司 (Iverson Associate Sdn Bhd)獨家合作,提供IBM的硬件,軟件和系統培訓和認證课程。



隨著Big Data,雲端科技和員工流动的增益牽引,培育人才將是許多企業是一大挑戰。

“与艾弗森合作,安富利能提供更具戰略性的IBM科技培訓計劃,通過升級科技技能和知識, 进而優化一個現有的科技員工,以便应付如今先進的流动科技,雲端科技,和社會事業分析等領域,”他補充道。




另外, 安富利在馬來西亞新升級的安富利解決方案中心也将投入服务, 扮演配備功能的角色,方便配合與艾弗森的IBM的培訓和認證計劃。

艾弗森總經理Dr. Yap Chee Sing表示士,“技術的價值通過它實現變現,這就更需要得到了有效與必要的技能培訓,。作為一家專業的科技培訓中心,艾弗森可以提供最有效的方式来培训人才, 所以與安富利的工作絕對是一個協同合作。“


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