Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST for Campus Now Supporting UPM

Fujitsu secures its first PRIMEQUEST customer in Malaysia;
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) revamps campus’ Human Resource (HR) and Finance IT systems to save 50% on annual software licensing costs

Kuala Lumpur, 09 January 2014 – Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions, today announced that Universiti Putra Malaysia (‘UPM’), a leading local research university, has opted for the Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST open server technology as part of a core IT transformation investment; Making the university the first PRIMEQUEST user in the country.

According to UPM’s Director of InfoComm Development Center (iDEC), Khairulmizam Samsudin (Ph.D), UPM has embarked on several IT system upgrade projects to boost the campus’ operational efficiency as well as to fulfil the standard accounting compliance initiated by the local government.  

(Left to right)
1.Mr. Edward Ling, Senior Manager of Platform Products for Infrastructure Services and Solutions, Fujitsu Malaysia
2.En. Zulkifee Othman, Bursar, Universiti Putra Malaysia
3.En. Khairulmizam Samsudin (Ph.D), Director of InfoComm Development Center (iDEC), Universiti Putra Malaysia
4.Mr. Yoshiharu Ishiwata, Vice President, Quality Assurance Division, IA Server Business unit, Fujitsu Limited.

Dr. Khairulmizam says, “UPM is revamping its IT support systems to facilitate more researches for national developments while reducing the operational costs at the same time. The deployment of Fujitsu’s PRIMEQUEST servers has integrated our systems across departments into the central business operation environment, and also will reduce our annual recurring software expenses by up to 50 per cent.”

In addition, UPM also adopted the Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers to replace their existing legacy systems to support their growing human resources (HR) application workloads, and protect mission critical HR applications from hardware or software failures during migration to other environments such as on the Cloud.
“Before rolling out the new PRIMERGY servers, our HR Payroll system took 3 hours to compute, now it is 75% faster and completes in approximately 45 minutes.”

Dr. Khairulmizam adds that the overall upgrade of UPM’s IT infrastructures is part of the university’s effort to secure the business continuity and adhere to the ISMS/IEC 27001 2007 certification1 which has already been awarded to UPM. It is also for compliance with the Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies (known as SAGA) 2.

The Fujitsu servers were purchased in two phases (March and April 2013). Today, the servers are fully operational and supporting UPM's operations.

Fulfilling the Local Demands for Mission Critical Open Server System

According to Edward Ling, Senior Manager of Platform Products for Infrastructure Services and Solutions, Fujitsu Malaysia, “Fujitsu brought in the PRIMEQUEST open server technology to Malaysia in early 2013. UPM was the first customer who bought the system immediately right after its official sales initiated. It clearly indicated a strong demand for high reliability and high performance servers in this market.”

Ling adds that more businesses seeking open platforms for their mission-critical operations to avoid vendor dependency and optimise their return-on-investment (ROI) on IT infrastructures, making PRIMEQUEST server systems a feasible alternative for enterprise customers in Malaysia.

“PRIMEQUEST’s mainframe-like enterprise platform reliability, error prevention and self-healing capabilities allow organizations to run mission-critical computing with industry open standards supporting multiple operating system (OS) platforms - such as Microsoft Windows and Linux OS, as well as industry-grade software and databases.”

Ling ends, “We continue to see encouraging interests on PRIMEQUEST open server technology from other industries including commercial, education, retail, communications, public sector, and financial services,” adding that this year Fujitsu Malaysia is expecting its PRIMEQUEST server systems to generate a new stream of revenue to its IT Platform Product division.



吉隆坡,2014年1月9日讯 –富士通,亚洲第一的科技解决方案和服务供应商,今天宣布马来西亚博特拉大(UPM)一家本地领先的研究型大学,选择了其PRIMEQUEST开放服务器科技作为科技转型投资核心的一部分;也同时让该大学成为在全国第一个也是富士通最大的PRIMEQUEST科技用户。

据资发展中心(InfoComm Development Center,IDEC)总监,Khairulmizam Samsudin透露,UPM正进行科技系统升级与改造项目,以提高校园的运作效率,以及满足当地政府启动了的标准会计合规。



Khairulmizam博士补充说,UPM的科技基础设施的全面升级是大学的努力以确保业务连续性,及执行信息安全管理(ISMS/IEC 27001 2007 certification1)。这也是为符合标准的政府机构会计制度(Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies,称为SAGA2)。

据Edward Ling,富士通平台科技产品,基础设施服务和解决方案的高级经理表示,马来西亚有越来越多的企业寻求开放平台为他们的关键任务操作,以避免对独家科技供应商的依赖,优化其科技投资回报率。 这促使PRIMEQUEST开放式服务系统为在马来西亚的企业客户提供了一项可行的替代方案。

“PRIMEQUEST的开放标准支持多种操作系统(Operating System)平台上的运作, 如Microsoft Windows和Linux操作系统,以及业界级软件和数据库“


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