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Sennheiser opens new concept store in Kuala Lumpur with a showcase of its MOMENTUM series

Kuala Lumpur, January 21, 2013 – Audio specialist Sennheiser today officially launched its Sennheiser Concept Store in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur with a MOMENTUM [Sound x Style] showcase.  The 45-square-metre store will offer customers the full range of headphones and earphones for both the casual listener and serious audiophiles.

Ng Chee Soon, President and Managing Director of Sennheiser Asia said, “Sennheiser Asia is proud to present our new retail space in Kuala Lumpur. This store gives Sennheiser fans room to experience the high quality sound of our products in the heart of the city’s high-end consumer shopping.”

(From left to right): Mr. Calveen Chou (CEO of Intraplex Asia Sdn Bhd), Mr. Pan Wee Siong (Managing Director of MyPantrade Sdn Bhd), Mr. Ng Chee Soon (President & Managing Director of Sennheiser Asia), Mr. Martin Low (Vice President of Sennheiser Asia) , Mr Chris Low (Assistant Head of the Consumer Business at Sennheiser Asia) launching the Sennheiser Concept Store at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

“Our new store provides the ideal setting to showcase the entire Sennheiser range: in addition to the lifestyle MOMENTUM family of headphones, we intend to offer a number of our most recently launched global products. Our state-of-the art headphone amplifiers will be available, along with the MOMENTUM Ivory that was unveiled at CES Las Vegas this month.  These new additions are excellent examples of the cutting edge technology that radiates throughout our high-end audiophile range. Furthermore, the tangibly high quality of materials and workmanship that our products feature are qualities that we share with our launch partner, H&M” he added.

Sennheiser displayed the “Sound x Style” exhibit featuring notable celebrities including DJ Goldfish, singer Atilia Haron, and radio presenter Jeremy Teo, who brought their own styles to life with H&M’s Spring Collection 2014.
(From left to right): Jeremy Teo, Megan Tan, Michelle Lee, Hunny Madu, Atilia Haron, IZ, Joseph Germani and Reem Shahwa with their new Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones.

Astro Supersport presenter, Reem Shahwa, explained her choice of clothing from H&M, “I want a look that is sophisticated, but with an edge to make me stand out. The Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear Pink gives a playful quality to my style whilst still being classy and fashionably appealing.”

In addition to the MOMENTUM range, Sennheiser boasts one of the widest ranges of headphones in the market which appeals to varying lifestyles.  Its range includes travel, sports, home entertainment, street, audiophile and DJ lines. The new store is part of Sennheiser’s broader strategy of providing an experiential showcase to consumers and to also expand its brand across Asia.
The MOMENTUM On-Ears are available in seven different colours retailing for RM829, with the MOMENTUM retailing at RM1,429 at the new Sennheiser concept store as well as authorised retailers and selected Sennheiser sales partner stores.

The new Sennheiser concept store is located on Unit F133, First Floor in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.  Opening times are daily from 10AM – 9PM.


吉隆坡,2013年1月31日——音响专家Sennheiser今天正式为其位于吉隆坡孟沙购物中心(Bangsar Shopping Centre)的Sennheiser概念店,举行开幕礼。配合新店开业,Sennheiser也特别准备了精彩无比的MOMENTUM [Soundx Style]展览。这家占地达45平方米的概念店,将为一般听众和音响发烧友提供全方位的耳机与耳塞产品。

Sennheiser亚洲区总裁兼董事经理Ng Chee Soon表示:“亚洲Sennheiser为吉隆坡消费者荣誉呈献我们最新的零售商店。这间商店位于首都最多高端消费者的购物心脏地带,让Sennheiser 粉丝拥有一个专属空间,亲身体验我们的产品所带来的卓越音质。”
他补充说:“我们的新店备有非常理想的室内环境,能够完美展示Sennheiser旗下全系列产品:除了时尚高雅的MOMENTUM系列耳机之外,我们也打算在此推出几款最近面市的全球产品。我们将在这里发售我们最先进的耳机扩音机,以及刚刚于本月在CES Las Vegas推介的MOMENTUM象牙白色耳机。这些新产品再一次展现了我们在打造高端发烧音响系列方面所采用的尖端技术。此外,我们的产品是以优质材料和优越工艺打造而成的,这是我们与推介礼合作伙伴H&M共同分享的特质。”

由Sennheiser呈现的Sound x Style展览,也邀请到DJ Goldfish、歌手Atilia Haron以及电台主持人Jeremy Teo等名人参与,他们穿上H&M 2014年春季新装,为来宾展现他们独有的时尚风格。

Astro Supersport主持人Reem Shahwa在解释她为何选择H&M服装时表示:“我想要自己看起来更时尚高雅,脱俗出众。Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear粉红色耳机为我的造型增添俏皮的感觉,同时保留了优雅时尚的气质。”


MOMENTUM On-Ears系列耳机备有七种不同的颜色,零售价格为RM829。此外,消费者也可以在全新的Sennheiser概念店、授权分销商以及指定Sennheiser销售伙伴商店购买到MOMENTUM系列耳机,其零售价格为RM1,429。


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