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OPPO Debuts in Malaysia

Launches flagship N1 smart phone and three other smartphone models

KUALA LUMPUR, February 18, 2014 – OPPO Electronics Corp, an international manufacturer of smartphones is making its debut in Malaysia with the launch of its flagship Android handset, the OPPO N1.

OPPO is a globally registered technology brand that has carved a significant presence in North America and Asia. Having entered the mobile market in 2008, OPPO Electronics now boasts a network of offices in several countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Mexico. The company also has an office in the United States, where it markets its blu-ray range of products.

“Malaysia is an exciting market for us. The people here are technology savvy and are constantly looking for compelling designs and advanced capabilities for their mobile applications. We believe OPPO is the right match as our main focus is meeting our customers’ needs. We are a young and innovative company that develops devices to give each user a unique experience without sacrificing simplicity. What makes us different is that from the very beginning, we vowed never to become a regular brand,” said William Fang, OPPO Electronics Chief Executive Officer.

On the OPPO N1, he said more than 1,500 engineers were involved in the research and development process to create the cutting-edge smartphone. The company’s engineers produced 200 patent applications every month for technology innovations, placing OPPO among the 10 most productive companies in terms of technology innovations.
“Typically, we would require a research period of 9-12 months to manufacture a smartphone but for the N1 we invested 18 months in R&D.  We manufactured some parts of the phone in-house, and the units underwent several tests including temperature, humidity, and weather conditions before they were ready for the shelves,” explained Product Manager, Haifeng Wang.

OPPO N1, the star of the N series features a 5.9-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 600, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and the signature swivelling 13MP camera. The biggest highlight of the OPPO N1 is its camera, which can rotate up to 206 degrees and can lock at any angle.

“The key is customers no longer have to choose between taking a selfie with a lower quality front camera or with the higher quality back camera but shooting blind. Now, all we need to do is just swivel it around and get the shot we want with the same camera”, beamed Brand Manager, Lu Chen.

The O-touch panel on the backside of the N1 can switch on the picture mode without touching the screen, and take pictures with it. It also offers a keychain-friendly O-Click remote that caters for off-device operation and control, including remote camera operation. It connects wirelessly to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and it is set on an alarm sound connection on the phone and O-Click to help locate a misplaced N1 or O-Click. The N1 is priced at RM1798.

The OPPO N1 also has the distinction of being the first to come with Color OS, and it has over 400 unique design improvements and 37 unique patents in the OS for highly improved usability and artistic look.  The Color OS’ unique features allow customers to draw on the screen with one finger, turn on the phone, and camera, easily. The Color OS can be activated with a simple touch of a finger and it can recognize gestures.

“For instance, with one finger you can turn on the phone/flash, two fingers to control volume, and three fingers to screen shoot. With more than three fingers, you can turn on the camera, and this is called the N1’s multi-finger gesture,” added Haifeng Wang

Simultaneously, the company is also introducing the Find 5 Mini, the R1 and the OPPO Neo. All three phones have distinct features and benefits targeted at different customer segments.

The OPPO Find 5 Mini comes with a 4.7-inch screen with a 960 x 540p resolution, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM. It has a 2000mAh battery packed inside a 7.75mm thick body. The phone features an 8 mega-pixel f/2.0 rear camera, along with a 2 mega-pixel front. The device gets OPPO’s take on Android, i.e., Color OS which is based on Android v4.2 Jelly Bean.

With admirable specifications, the OPPO R1 offers a 5-inch IPS display boasting a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. The handset is 142.7 x 70.4 x 7.1mm in size and weighs only 140 grams. The Oppo R1 also has an 8MP camera on the rear with f2.0 aperture as well as a 5MP front-facing camera for video calls. Other key OPPO R1 specifications include 16GB internal storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, TD-SCDMA/GSM, Android 2.2 Jelly Bean.

Targeted at the low-end market, the OPPO Neo has a 4.5 inch screen size with IPS display 854 x 480 pixel resolution. It is powered by dual-core 1.3GHz processor and sports with 512MB of RAM. The phone is coupled with 5 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front facing camera, and runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with Color OS user interface and a Quick reach gesture to operate the phone. OPPO Neo also has dual-SIM dual standby and has 1,900 mAh battery capacity in 132 x 65.8 x 9.2mm body dimension, and weighs in at 130g.

With the launch of four mobile phones, William Fang said that OPPO, which means ‘friend’ or ‘companion’  hopes to become good friends with the over 42 million mobile subscribers in Malaysia, who make-up 143% of the mobile penetration rate  in the country.

OPPO 登陆马来西亚 
推出旗舰级智能手机 N1 和其他三款智能手机

吉隆坡,2014年2月18日 – 国际智能手机制造商 OPPO Electronics Corp(欧珀移动通信有限公司)登陆马来西亚,推出旗舰级Android 智能手机 OPPO N1。 

OPPO是全球著名科技品牌,先后在北美和亚洲建立起雄厚实力。在 2008 年进军手机市场的 OPPO Electronics,在泰国、印尼、越南、印度和墨西哥等多个国家设立办事处,并于美国设立营销售蓝光系列产品的办事处。  

OPPO Electronics 首席执行员William Fang说:“我们对马来西亚这个市场充满期待。大马人熟悉科技发展,在手机应用方面,不断追求引人注目的设计和先进功能。我们相信,OPPO专注于客户需求,定能满足大马市场。我们是一家年轻和创意洋溢的公司,在秉持使用简易的原则下,致力开发让每个用户拥有独特体验的产品。我们一开始就决定要排众而出,成为与众不同的品牌。” 

超过 1,500 名工程师参与 OPPO N1 智能手机的研发过程,创造出这款尖端智能手机。每个月,公司的工程师共研创 200 项创新科技应用的专利。因此,OPPO 在创新科技方面,名列 10 大最有生产力的公司。 

产品经理 Haifeng Wang 说:“通常,我们需要 9 至 12 个月的研究期,研制一款智能手机。不过,我们共投入 18 个月的时间来研发 N1。其中一些手机部件由我们内部生产。此外,我们也进行了多项测试,包括温度、湿度和天气状况等,才正式推出 N1 智能手机。” 

OPPO N1 是 N 系列智能手机的主角, 拥有 5.9 寸的 1080p 高清屏幕、Snapdragon 600、2GB RAM、16GB 存储,以及令人触目的旋转式 1300 万像素摄像镜头。 OPPO N1 最引人注目亮点是摄像头,它可以 206 度旋转,并可在任何角度锁定取景。 

品牌经理Lu Chen兴奋地指出:“关键是客户不需再选择使用质素较逊的的前置摄像头自拍,或高质素后置摄像头盲拍。现在,只需将摄像头旋转过来,就能用相同的摄像头拍照,”

OPPO N1 的 O-Touch背面触板给人不同使用感受,用户无需触控屏幕,就可以完成更换照片模式和控制拍照。 此外,OPPO N1 也提供非常容易使用的 O-Click 遥控器,可以扣在钥匙扣上,方便远程操作手机和控制,包括远程拍照功能。O-Click 遥控器通过蓝牙无线连接到智能手机,具备双向寻找功能以寻找 N1 智能手机或 O-Click 遥控器,其警报功能还能防盗。N1 智能手机的售价是 RM 1,798。  

OPPO N1卓越之处是率先配备Color OS,拥有操作系统的超过 400 个独特设计改良和 37 项独特专利,大幅提升了智能手机的易用性和美感。Color OS 的独特功能,让客户只用一根手指就可在屏幕上绘画,轻而易举的开动智能手机和摄像头。Color OS只需用手指触摸即可激活,同时也有手势识别功能。

Haifeng Wang补充:“例如,你只需用一根手指就可以开启手机/闪存,两根手指控制音量,三根手指拍摄等等。使用超过三根手指,可以开启相机,这就是所谓的N1多指手势操作。”

同时,公司也推介Find 5 Mini,R1和OPPO Neo。这三款智能手机皆拥有针对不同客户群开发的特点和功能。 

OPPO Find 5 Mini 拥有 4.7 寸屏幕,备有 960 × 540P 分辨率,1.3GHz 四核处理器,1GB RAM和4GB ROM。机身厚度 7.75毫米,内有 2000mAh 电池。这款手机拥有 800 万像素 f/2.0 后置摄像头,以及 200 万像素前置摄像头。OPPO 手机运用Android系统,亦即基于Android v4.2 Jelly Bean系统的Color OS 。

OPPO R1的规格十分吸引。它拥有具备1280 × 720像素分辨率的 5 寸 IPS 屏幕,1.3GHz 四核处理器和 1GB RAM。这款手机的尺寸是 142.7 x 70.4 x 7.1毫米,重量只有140克。OPPO R1拥有具备 f2.0 光圈的 800 万像素后置摄像头,以及适用于视频通话的 500 万像素前置摄像头。OPPO R1的其他特点包括16GB内部存储、WiFi、蓝牙、TD-SCDMA/GSM及Android 2.2 Jelly Bean。 

定位于中低端市场的 OPPO Neo,拥有 4.5 寸屏幕与 854 × 480像素分辨率的 IPS 显示。它由1.3GHz双核处理器驱动和配备 512MB RAM。这款手机具 500万像素后置摄像头和 200 万像素前置摄像头,Android 4.2 Jelly Bean 系统,Color OS 用户界面和Quick 手势操作。OPPO Neo 还提供双卡双待,机身尺寸为132 x 65.8 x 9.2毫米,重 130 克,内置 1,900 mAh电池。

 William Fang表示,在大马推出这四款智能手机后,意指“朋友”或“伴侣”的 OPPO品牌,希望能成为马来西亚超过 4,200 万移动用户(占大马 143% 的移动电话普及率 ) 的良伴。

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