Friday, April 18, 2014

Canon Delivers Greater Service Level Offerings with Revamped MDS Fleet Management

MALAYSIA, 18th April 2014 - Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions and document services, today unveiled a revamped, end-to-end program to deliver Canon Managed Document Services (MDS). The core highlight of this new program is the availability of MDS Cloud platform, which provides higher level of professional fleet management capabilities as well as enhance the overall service experience for customers. This update was delivered as part of Canon’s continued efforts and commitment to innovation, and to develop and further enhance its services as a market leader to cater to its clients’ evolving needs.

Complementing the current MDS service, the MDS Cloud as a total fleet management platform enhances device availability, provides valuable management information in a timely manner, and facilitates a higher degree of fleet optimization and service consultancy.

This translates into increased flexibility in delivering made-to-measure solutions in resolving existing print usage issues, managing the existing printer fleet with precision, reducing down time and in turn maximizing productivity. With a wider spectrum of services provided by the Canon MDS Cloud, enterprises may now experience greater peace of mind and thus focus on their core business functions such as maximizing profitability.

“In the face of a competitive and constantly evolving business environment, corporations are increasingly evaluating ways to improve and ensure consistent business workflow and process efficiency across business units and physical locations” said Mr Ooi Chik Hoe, Director, Business Imaging Solution (BIS) of Canon. “Canon recognizes the need for business responsiveness and cost efficiency and has responded with an improved MDS service offering – streamlining document workflows and business processes to reduce the total cost of ownership and operation”.

Designed to help clients stay focused on their core business while removing the resources and time required to manage their print infrastructure, the enhanced MDS program that utilises the MDS Cloud platform delivers additional values for organisations as follows:

Auto discovery of devices
The MDS Cloud detects network devices automatically and facilitates the prompt addition of those new devices into the overall fleet that that is being managed.

Remote Monitoring and Management
This helps reduce reliance on internal IT or support resources by automating numerous functions that would otherwise typically require multiple systems or manual processes to manage. The functions that can now be automated include counter data, supply level monitoring and error notifications for both Canon and non-Canon devices1.

Usage Analytics and Reports for Better Productivity and Optimisation
Analyses fleet information to gain greater insight into the print usage and performance of the fleet. The intuitive and visual dashboard provides information at a glance for the identification of trends, while the professional reports provide administrators valuable input to identify equipment, supply and usage pattern changes that are necessary for higher productivity, continuous optimization and cost reduction.

Service Improvement for Optimal Value
Service performance of the fleet can be benchmarked against the agreed service level metrics. This ensures that every customer’s fleet is consistently managed for optimal service value.

Fleet Intelligence for Future Business Alignment
Fleet intelligence can be provided to customers through periodic service review engagements to stay constantly aligned and attuned to customers’ changing needs. Comprehensive reports will be provided and the Canon MDS service consultant will analyse device and printing trends. Through studying the trending or changes in device mix, placement, print volume and service performance, Canon is able to pinpoint issues swiftly and accordingly devise or adapt fleet management strategies for customers, which not only meet existing requirements, but also ensures alignment with the customer’s future needs and direction.

The Canon enhanced MDS program with Cloud MDS is now available in Malaysia. For more information on the MDS program please call Stewart Chan MDS Manager at 03-7844 6000/ 7845 0055.


马来西亚,2014年4月18日 - 今天,佳能公司(数位影像解决方案及文件管理服务方案领导者)推介佳能文件管理服务解决方案(简称MDS)的升级版端对端系统。MDS云端平台是这个新系统的核心重点,不仅能提供更高水平的专业流量管理功能,同时也为用户提供更完善的整体服务体验。这项系统的强化升级是佳能秉持创新承诺、继续改进的部分成果,同时也是佳能作为市场领导者持续发展及提升服务素质的努力,以满足客户不断变化的需求。



“面对竞争激烈、瞬息万变的商业环境,越来越多企业不断在寻找改善文件管理的方案,确保企业营运流程稳定一致,维持各个部门和资源流程管理效率。”佳能商业影像解决方案(BIS)部门总监Ooi Chik Hoe表示:“佳能了解用户在业务互动与经济效益方面的需求,因此,我们推出了升级版的MDS管理服务方案,简化文件处理过程和业务流程,减少维持企业所有权和营运的总成本。”







佳能MDS文件管理整合服务方案(MDS云端升级版)已在马来西亚推出,欲了解更多MDS详情,请联络MDS经理,联络号码是03-7844 6000/ 7845 0055.

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