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April 08, 2014 — Seagate plc, a world leader in storage solutions, today announced it is now shipping the world’s fastest 6TB hard disk drive (HDD) — the Seagate® Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4. Boasting industry-leading performance, the Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 is an important step forward in scale-out data infrastructures delivering supersize storage and enterprise reliability to meet the explosive growth of corporate and cloud-based data centers.

“Unstructured data growth is doubling exponentially and will propel the digital universe to reach 16 Zettabytes of data by as early as 2017. This will cause cloud service providers to look for innovative ways to store more within an existing footprint while lowering operational costs,” said Scott Horn, Seagate vice president of marketing. “Seagate is poised to address this challenge by offering the fastest 6TB enterprise capacity HDD based on our proven, reliable platform meeting this never-ending demand in both private and public cloud data centers.”

Featuring the fastest performance available for a nearline HDD, the Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 enables faster data transfers by building on an eighth-generation platform that enables the drive to deliver up to a 25 percent increase in performance over competing 6TB drives— making it ideal for 24 X 7 bulk data storage. Utilizing the latest generation of 12Gb/s SAS, the drive provides customers with the scalability for future-proofing their systems. It is also available in an enterprise-ready SATA 6Gb/s interface for easy system integration.

“Supermicro’s new TwinPro and wide range of SuperServer, SuperStorage solutions all feature integrated 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 support enabling full and immediate access to the maximum performance and capacity offered by Seagate’s new 6TB 12Gb/s Enterprise-class HDDs, ” said Wally Liaw, vice president of sales, international at Supermicro. “In addition to the increased I/O

bandwidth, our SAS3 optimized platforms are cost competitive with current SAS2 6Gb/s enabled systems offering customers not only performance but also accelerated ROI advantages. With Seagate’s new 6TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4, Supermicro now offers the most cost effective scale-out storage solutions maximized for performance, density and energy efficiency in enterprise, data center, cloud and HPC applications. “

A family of drives with up to 6TB of capacity, the Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 provides customers with the highest capacity density needed to address an ever increasing amount of unstructured data in an industry-standard 3.5-inch HDD. Supporting the highest density storage per square foot in the industry, it features a 50 percent increase in capacity over the last generation (4TB) nearline drive. Ideal for both replicated and RAID environments, the drive delivers a lower TCO for enterprise storage by providing the highest capacity available without sacrificing performance.

 The drive employs multi-drive rotational vibration tolerance for consistent enterprise-class performance and accurate data storage in high density environments. With its robust 7200-RPM performance, ramp load technology, and a humidity sensor, it delivers optimum performance even in the harshest environments. Purpose-built for enterprise environments, the drive utilizes the T10 and T13-compliant power management standards enabling organizations to tailor systems for optimal energy usage resulting in up to 90 percent more power savings.

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 Key Features:
Industry-Leading Performance— 25 percent faster than competitive 6TB drives.
Highest Capacity Available—Up to 6TB per drive for maximum density server and storage solutions.
Enterprise-Class Reliability— Industry-leading rotational vibration tolerance for consistent performance and enhanced error correction for accurate data storage.
Best-in-Class Security— Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) with Instant Secure Erase for easy drive disposal or repurposing and FIPS SED security options.
The drive is shipping now to select Cloud partners and resellers globally. It will also be integrated into Seagate business and branded storage products starting this spring. To learn more about the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 please visit


马来西亚 – 4月8日, 2014 – 全球硬碟与储存方案领导者Seagate plc, 今日宣布全球最快6TB硬碟 – Seagate® Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4正式推出。一向以业界顶尖表现自豪,此次Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4更进一步扩充基础设施数据,并提供超高储存容量和企业可靠性,以满足日益增加的企业和云端资料中心。

Seagate行销副总裁Scott Horn表示:“非结构化资料增长正成倍增加并将使数位世界早在2017年达到16 Zettabytes的数据。这将使各云端服务供应商部署革新的方法以便在现有的空间储存更多,同时降低营运成本。Seagate已准备好应对这项挑战,以我们出色、可靠的平台推出这个最快的6TB企业级硬碟来满足个人和公共云端资料中心永无止境的需求。”

采用非直接硬碟的最快效能,Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4建立在拥有比其它6TB硬碟高出25%效能的第八代平台 ,快速传输数据 – 成为理想的24 X 7批量数据储存空间。利用最新一代的12GB/s SAS,此硬碟提供客户未来考验系统的延展性。它采用 6GB/s SATA界面,以实现快速的资料传输率与连接便利性。

Supermicro国际业务副总裁表示:“Supermicro最新的TwinPro和各种SuperServer, SuperStorage方案都备有综合12GB/s SAS 3.0支援,以便于完整和直接连接Seagate最新6TB 12GB/s企业级硬碟。除了增加的I/O带宽,我们的SAS3最优化平台联合现有的SAS2 6GB/s复合成本效率,不仅提供客户效能,并促进投资回报率(ROI)的优势。现在配合Seagate全新的6TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4,Supermicro推出最符合成本效率,且具备可扩充性的储存方案,提供各企业、资料中心、云端和高性能计算机(HPC)应用最高效能、密度和能源效率。”

一组高达6TB容量的硬碟,Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4提供最大容量密度给客户来处理在一个3.5寸标准产业硬碟里不断增加的非结构化资料。它拥有相较上一代(TB)近线硬碟多出50百分比的容量,以支援业界每平方尺最高密度储存。此硬碟提供最大容量但不牺牲效能,给企业储存一个较低的TCO,成为再造及RAID环境里理想的选择。

此款硬碟具备multi-drive rotation vibration tolerance抗震功能,在高密度环境提供一致的企业级效能及精准的资料储存。具备7200-PRM稳健效能、ramp load技术、湿度感应器,就算在最严峻的环境,它也能表现优质效能。专门为企业环境打造,此硬碟利用符合T10和T13的电源管理标准,使各机构能够调整系统以达到最佳能源使用,而节省达90百分比的电源。

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4的重要特性包括:
·         业界最高效能 – 速度比其它6TB硬碟快25%。

·         最大容量 – 高达6TB给高密度伺服器和储存方案。

·         企业级可靠性 – 业界抗震性最佳,效能稳定,并具有强化错误修正,提供精准的资料储存。

·         最佳安全性 – Instant Secure Erase技术的Self-EncryptingDrives (SED)可轻松的废气或重新配置硬碟,并备有FIPS SED安全设置。

此款硬碟正出货选择远端合作伙伴和分销商。它也将在这个春季被纳入到Seagate企业与品牌储存产品。更多Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4的相关讯息,欢迎浏览

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