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Closed Beta 2 in 13th June 2013 and Open Beta in Early July 2013

Malaysia, 12 June, 2013 - IAHGames, a leading Southeast Asia online games operator and distributor headquartered in Singapore, is entering the Malaysian online game market with a bang! The operator, which is already in the 7th year of online game operation, is ready to embark on the next game launch, following the formation of a Malaysian-based operations team.

Following the successful launch of New Gulong Online, the team in IAHGames Malaysia is in preparation to launch New PAL Online, which is a 3D Web-based MMORPG based on the Chinese PAL series from Softstar Entertainment in Taiwan. Licensed and fully developed by Dream Square, a renowned game developer based in Shanghai, China, New PAL Online has won almost all of the Most Anticipated Game awards in the Chinese game community since its debut.

Mr. Xu Bin (许斌), the CEO of Dream Square, regards himself as a huge fan of the Chinese PAL series. “New PAL Online is just like my own daughter. I’ve been trying to give all my best stuff to her”, he shared in good humor. And it is because of his strong passion over the series, he has been polishing New PAL Online together with the development team time and again for the past 4 years, under-going 2 major revamps.

The game has by far been the most costly in terms of time and resources than most of the web-based games. He added “Usually, a browser-based game can be completed within one year or even half a year. But New PAL Online cost us 4 years and 50 million RMB. We suffered countless hardships in the development. To avoid devaluing the Chinese Paladin series, we have been polishing New PAL Online and postponed its debut time and again.”
Xu Bin (许斌), CEO of Dream Square.

Dream Square has also engaged popular musician, Mr. Kaoru Wada, to compose the music found within New PAL Online. Mr. Kaoru Wada is famous for his works in InuYasha, Record of Lodoss War, Saint Seiya and Kindaichi Case Files. As a multi-talented musician, his musical works have graced popular Anime cartoons and games.

New PAL Online to be launched in Malaysia and Singapore
The New PAL Online game is now set to launch its 2nd Closed Beta in 13th June 2013 and will open its full open beta service in early July 2013. During the 1st Closed Beta, more than 5,000 global gamers thronged the servers, forcing an urgent maintenance for optimization. Lim Wei Lun, Product Director of IAHGames Malaysia, shared “In my years of experience, I have never seen such patience and dedication to making a game better. Dream Square is creating something true to the Chinese saying of ‘Slow work begets fine goods’”.
New PAL Online Partnerships in China
Chinese Pop culture fans in Malaysia would know the TV show - The Voice of China. The massively popular singing competition’s first season was the most watched TV show in China in 2012. The developer of New PAL Online, Dream Square, announces a co-branding and co-marketing collaboration with Star China Media, for its 2nd season. In a signing ceremony between the 2 companies, Star China Media CEO, Mr. Tian Ming said “Online game and TV shows are amongst the most popular form of entertainment. New PAL Online has more than 18 years of history in its making, including a TV drama under its franchise. Based on this, we are confident that New PAL Online would become one of the most successful online entertainment content in 2013.” For more information, visit

New PAL Online Launches in other countries
Dream Square has also announced that New PAL Online has been signed and licensed with big publishers such as in Taiwan, NHN in South Korea, Siam Games in Thailand and S-Game in Indonesia. Group CEO of IAHGames, Roland Ong is assured, “As part of our tradition in acquiring and publishing AAA titles, New PAL Online would thrill our gamers, by being the first Chinese version to launch the game commercially in South East Asia.”

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