Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Exabytes Forges Partnership with P1 Networks

To promote high business availability amongst ecommerce community with converged connectivity solutions

Kuala Lumpur, 07 January 2014 – Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd (‘Exabytes’), Malaysia’s largest web hosting provider, today announces its recent collaboration with Southeast Asia’s pioneer and Malaysia’s first 4G service provider, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (“P1”), with the aim to enable more Malaysian ecommerce businesses with higher business availability via ‘Voice and Internet’ accessibility.

According to Exabytes’ Founder and CEO, Chan Kee Siak, the Exabytes-P1 collaboration offers as a feasible option for ecommerce businesses to connect with their customers at anytime, anywhere.

(Left to right)
1.      Left – Mr Kelvin Lee, Chief Commercial Officer of Packet One Networks (P1)
2.       Right – Mr Chan Kee Siak, Exabytes’ Founder and CEO

“Connectivity is an integral element of online business. This is especially true as today’s local e-commerce market is growing fiercely competitive. Partnering with P1 will help our ecommerce merchants to achieve higher business and services availability for better chances of eCommerce survival.”

P1’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kelvin Lee shares, “The partnership with Exabytes is strategic for P1 to deepen our broadband and voice penetration into the expanding ecommerce market. Instantly, it has enabled us to reach out to over 60,000 of Exabytes’ customers in the online business space; as well as the thousands of e-commerce merchants on, which is now one of Southeast Asia’s largest online retail shopping platforms powered by Exabytes.”    

Exclusive Offers Encourage E-commerce Businesses to Use Converged Broadband Services

Chan further shares, “As part of Exabytes’ commitment to empower the online SMBs, this partnership will offer not only the latest broadband services for online operations but also the state-of-the-art technologies to manage their daily business communication with customers.”  

“For all communication services and connectivity solution packages that Exabytes’ customers subscribe, P1 offers them with additional voice call savings, free installation and its related line rental fee, and zero equipment exclusively. It is a converged connectivity solution that allows our customers to go online and start their ecommerce operations, yet cost effectively managing their broadband usage and voice calls.”  

Lee highlights, “According to a research done by Euromonitor International, the Malaysian ecommerce market is expected to grow at an accelerated pace from RM842 million in 2011 to an estimated figure of RM1.9 billion by 2016, SMEs and SMBs being the driving force of Malaysia’s GDP is evolving, getting online and enabling their businesses with ICT at an exponential rate.”

“Through this partnership, we hope to see more SOHO and SMBs going online and leverage on the values of converged connectivity technologies to perform their business efficiently, and on par to compete with other players within the global ecommerce market,” says Lee.

Lee and Chan adds that both organizations are very keen to strengthen this sustainable relationship to further benefit both Exabytes and P1 in long run. Lee highlights “Moving forward, we are planning to make several special promotions targeting on over 550,000 P1 subscribers to shop on”. “This offers will definitely improve our existing customer base exponentially within a short time,” concludes Chan.  

Exabytes与P1 Networks建立合作伙伴关系


吉隆坡,2014年1月7日讯– Exabytes Network有限公司 (‘Exabytes’), 馬來西亞最大的網站託管服務提供商,今天宣布其最近与东南亚和马来西亚首个4G服务提供商先驱,Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (“P1”) 合作,旨在通过“语音和互联网”的通讯方案让更多马来西亚的电子商务企业提升其业务的商业服务效率。

Exabytes的创办人兼总监,曾淇赐表示, Exabytes-P1的合作提供了电子商务业者们一个能让他们与客户在任何时候,任何地方保持联络的机会。

“通讯可算是在线业务的一个重要环节。更加上今天的本地电子商务市场的增长竞争越演越烈。与P1的合作将有助于我们的电子商务商家们实现更高的业务和服务效率, 已达至更高的电子商务生存几率。”

P1‘s商务总监,李凯文 (Kelvin Lee 泽音)说“,与Exabytes 的合作能促P1宽带和语音科技渗透并拓展其电子商务市场。瞬间,我们能够接触到超过60,000Exabytes在网上营业的客户;以及成千上万在Easy.my上的网络电子商务商家。Easy.my目前可算是东南亚其中一个最大的在线零售购物平台。“


曾淇赐还表示, “此伙伴关系将不仅提供在线业者最新的宽带服务,还提供最先进的科技管理他们与客户的日常业务沟通。”  


两人也补充说,两个组织都非常热衷于加强这种可持续的关系,长远来看,有意进一步促进Exabytes和P1的合作关系。李凯文表示,“展望未来,我们正计划做出几个特价促销瞄准超过550,000名 P1用户在Easy.my的在线商店购物”。

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