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Viber 4.1 For Windows Phone 8 Brings Multiple Major Updates And Popular Viber Features To Microsoft’s Smartphone Platform

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – April 2, 2014, Viber, ( the leading mobile communications platform offering free messaging and HD-quality phone calls, announced today the release of Viber 4.1 for Windows Phone 8 bringing “Viber Out” calls to the platform for the first time. Now Viber users on Windows Phone 8 can make affordable calls to their friends and contacts who have landlines or phones that don’t have Viber. Additionally, the update brings several key Viber features to the mobile Microsoft platform.

Viber has pursued a consistent strategy of supporting as many platforms as possible in order to expand the potential user base its users can contact, strengthening the capability of the platform. Viber allows users to communicate with almost any of their friends or contacts regardless of which platform they use. Now, with the addition of “Viber Out,” Windows Phone 8 users will be able to call any phone number with Viber.

“Viber Out has been a game changer for our users and allows them to rely on Viber for all their communication needs. With the addition of this critical feature to our Windows Phone 8 version, we are ensuring that the complete Viber experience is available on as many platforms as possible. This focus on cross-platform support is one of our most important commitments to our users,” said Talmon Marco, CEO of Viber.

The release also includes multiple feature updates that expand the functionality of the app, including:
Sending video messages
Sending multiple photos at the same time
Hands-free Bluetooth support

‘Viber Out’ 随着 Viber 继续专注于跨平台支援而融入 Windows Phone 8

献予 Windows Phone 8 的 Viber 4.1 为微软的智能手机平台呈献多种新的更新和热门 Viber 特点

吉隆坡 4 月 2 日讯 Viber, (,即呈献免费简讯和高清素质通话服务的顶尖移动通讯平台公司,今天发布献予 Windows Phone 8 的 Viber 4.1,而首次将 “Viber Out” 拨电话服务引进该平台。现在,使用 Windows Phone 8 的 Viber 用户将能以容易负担费率拨电给其固定电话号码或其他电话尚未安装 Viber 的朋友或联系人。此外,这项更新也为该移动微软平台带来多种重要的 Viber 特点。

Viber 已落实一项尽可能支援更多平台的一致策略,以扩大其用户能够联系的潜在用户群,并强化了该平台的功能。Viber 可让用户与他们的几乎任何朋友或联系人通讯,不管他们使用哪一种平台。现在,随着添加 “Viber Out” 之后,Windows Phone 8的用户将可 通过 Viber 联系任何电话号码。

“Viber Out 不断为我们的用户而改变游戏规则,并让他们依靠 Viber 来应付他们所有的通讯需求。随着为我们的 Windows Phone 8 版本添加这个重要功能,我们可确保他们在更多平台享有完整的 Viber 经验。专注于跨平台支援乃是我们献予用户的最重要承诺之一,” Viber 的首席执行长 Talmon Marco 说道。

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